Hello, Monday.

Well, I gotta tell you.  It felt good to both sleep in this morning, and be back in my bed!  Woke up craving some good ole fashioned oatmeal (show of hands for those that are surprised?!) and went with the basics…

Plain oats with some fun add ins…

And a little something I picked up at TJ’s!  🙂

Added all this to the oatmeal, plus a healthy sprinkling of flax seed…yum.

Headed to the YMCA to visit my peeps!  I swear I am there more than I am at home, so I felt as if I had vanished this weekend.  I didn’t feel complete!  🙂  Christie had a surprise waiting for me..

Some homeade sugar cookies and Valentine heart candy!  Don’t worry, I will have no problem putting these to good use.

Headed home and started thinking about lunch…knew I wanted veggies, and immediately saw some that would work well together.  I cubed a zuchinni, an onion, and some mushrooms…and started them off in a pan with a bit of Organic Pam, and some salt/pepper…

I let those babies get nice and brown while I thought of what else I wanted.  Checked the fridge, and decided to add some protein!

Finished browning the veggies, then added the “chicken”

Half of this yumminess made it’s way into a wrap…

(complete with green beans and hummus for dippage..)

This was seriously the best veggie-meat-substitute I have ever had.  It was just like chicken!  Texture, flavor…everything!  Definitely adding this to my next grocery list.  Yum!  I love that I have a pup who begs for veggies/hummus…

Dessert was fresh from my Valentine treat bag..

Gotta love a festive treat.  😉

Spent the rest of my afternoon catching up on the season premiere of Survivor: Heroes VS. Villains (can anyone believe this is Survivor 20?!?!) complete with my ghetto ice pack for my hurting knee!

That’s right….who knew that Edamame was both a quick snack AND an ice press?!?!  😉

Now it is off to teach High School Yoga, then back to the YMCA to teach Spin.  Praaaaaaaying that my knee holds up.  Ugh.

Later bloggies, happy Mondizzle!



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8 responses to “Hello, Monday.

  1. Natalie

    When does Auntie Natalie get to meet your precious doggies? I heart them!!!!

  2. ASAP! We need a lunch and or dinner date soon. Or heck, both?!

  3. Oh my goodness your pup is so adorable. He looks super hugable. Just found your blog, and think it’s great. Sorry to see you’ve hurt your knee. I’ve been dealing with two knee injuries (Runner’s knee) for years. Not sure what yours is–Runner’s knee is a pain right under the kneecap. Sound like your pain?

    Anyhow, unfortunately I have tons of experience with that. My best advice: Give yourself enough time to recover. (Ice helps a lot, as does strengthening your quads and hamstrings. Maybe add some biking into your mix if you don’t already.) You don’t want to end up like me a couple years down the road: Limping after walking three blocks!

  4. Matt

    I can’t believe you were able to resist Survivor until now. I love Colby and Stephenie and love to hate Jerri…boo, hiss, ick…lol. You need heat on your knee at this point. Ice is only beneficial within the first 48 hours of an injury. Hope it feels better ’cause we need you in top form for spin!!! 🙂

    • I have watched every season except for Rookies VS Veterans, and the last one with Russel. SO good though. I despise Rupert and will always think he is over-rated. Sandra for the win!!!! She owns all.

  5. Oh cool, MaraNatha has no stir almond butter. Glad to find that out, I was hating the stuff I bought. I am also a fan of the Smart Strips, I also like their ground turkey substitute as well.

  6. LOL! You’re /such/ a gangster. I laughed at the “ghetto ice pack”. 🙂
    Do those “chicken strips” taste any good??

  7. Oatmeal = breakfast of champions. I eat it pretty much everyday!

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