Home Again!!!!

What a weekend.  It went by so fast, but I am really glad to be home.  Especially to this little guy:

Lets rewind to my final day in N.C.!!!  Day started off early with a full day of Group Strength training.  By the way, the place we were all weekend was massive.

We were in a smaller studio upstairs…

Todays workshop wasn’t a certification type class like Friday’s, but instead just counted toward my CEU’s (Continuing Education Units) that I could use towards my YMCA certifications (we have to meet a certain amount per year).  Since it wasn’t a cert, we got to spend pretty much the entire time just going over the basics of a strength class, and my personal favorite part…discussing and talking about new and powerful moves to try out in class.  I cannot wait to unleash some this week on my class!!!!

Snacked on these bad boys while we listened:

And before we knew it, it was time for lunch!  I had packed my lunch, but went with Vickie to the local Cafe where we went on Friday.

My deeeeee-licious Vegan Raspberry Muffin, Honey Oikos, and an apple…all fresh from Whole Foods last night!  😀

No words necessary describing this amazing-ness.

‘Twas great with the yogurt!


They were right!  I love the mini-Oikos.  They are all so good, the honey was no exception…

Amazing lunch, which was followed by more Group Strength training.  Pretty soon it was time for me to try my newest (and most sought after) Larabar!!!

You know you are jealous of the random bathroom mirror pic.  Don’t even play.  😉

It was pretty much what I had expected.  Ahhhhhhh-mazing.  This may be my new favorite Lara, edging out “Key Lime Pie” which let me tell you, is a toughie to beat.  This tasted just like a PB&J!  Bravo, Lara.

I am still having knee pain!!!!  It’s just my left one, towards the bottom left of my knee and on the inside.  Only hurts when I extend it more than walking (i.e. steps), or when I speed up.  I don’t understand.  Anyone had this problem or have any suggestions for knee related injuries? I am just really terrified with the Half Marathon coming up!  😦  Woe is me.

We actually got out of the workshop alot earlier than we thought at around 2:30!  Score!  Packed up our stuff, and headed home!

Snacked on a nana…

And started the loooooong trip home.

I actually slept most of the way home, so it went super fast.  Got home and was famished.  I wanted something quick and delicious.  Incorporated my new TJ’s cereals!!!

Mixed these two with a little pear-love…

Plus Oikos, and a big dollop of Almond Butter…

Mix, and an instant odd, but ahhhh-mazing dinner..

Which was topped off by a surprise waiting on me at home…

It is Valentines Day after all. I swear, there were berries under there.  😉

On that note, I am ready to COLLAPSE.  Something tells me I will wait til tomorrow to unpack.  Nighty night bloggies!!!  Happy V-Day!!



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12 responses to “Home Again!!!!

  1. Enjoy your goodiessss!!!

  2. Heather Whited

    So glad you are home safe and sound !!! And I totally agree – Key Lime Pie Larabar is aaaaaamazingggg !! Yumminess in a wrapper 🙂
    Rest and relax !!! Enjoy the snow that’s a comin 🙂

    • I am so glad to be back!!!! And the snow is following me, I TOLD YOU!!!! 😀 We still need to plan our Cracker Barrel date, missy.

      • Heather Whited

        we had said tomorrow evening, but something tells me that ain’t gonna happen ….. i’ll touch base with you tomorrow – see what the weather is like…..
        I’m not givin up on it — we WILL get to CB and plan out my blog future …. ya know – the “pushin 40 yr old single mama trying to get her health together” …. that one !! LOL LOL ….. THEN we can plan a week-end jaunt down to Knoxville or Asheville to the Farmer’s Market … Knox has a pretty good organic/whole food’sish kinda market ….
        Of course – any kinda jaunt is fun to me 🙂 🙂
        hearts and hugs … 🙂

  3. Looks like you bought some fabulous goodies from my two favorite stores yesterday. 🙂
    That Lara bar is great – but key lime pie is also amazing – it’s a toss up for me.
    I’m never sure about bars though – sometimes I feel like even though the calories are the same, I’m hungry right afterwords for a full meal rather than a small bar.

  4. Sounds like Runner’s Knee!

  5. Okay I am in totaly LaraBar envy!!! Why don’t they freakin’ sell those at Earth Fare?????? Glad your home bud!

  6. “Don’t even play.” You totally crack me up!

    Next time you come to NC, we better meet up!

    • I know!!! I loved it, you guys have quite the impressive state. Emily and I will come down soon for a couple of days…we all need to hang out and have a blogger meet up!!

  7. I wish I had one of those strawberries hanging out at my place when I got home…YUM!

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