Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods…’nuff said.

Well tonight I got to spend time with two of my best friends……..Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s!!!!!!!!!!!  Such heaven.  More in a bit.

We started off looking for dinner, and it being our last night in North Carolina…BBQ was on the menu!  Say hello to baked beans and coleslaw…

We went to a local place called Jim’s and it was delicious!  Love me some barbecue sauce…

Dinner was good, but I had one thing in my mind…which was conveniently located 20 feet from the bbq joint…

Whooooole Foooooods…..I’m not going to lie.  This and Trader Joe’s was 90% of my excitement for this trip.  This place = Tyler heaven.  I am so grateful and thankful that we have an Earth Fare at home, but I am absolutely OBSESSED with Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s.  I even left the restaurant early so that I could spend more time in this bad boy.

I swear I spend half my time in these stores just wandering around in sheer awe.

I was good, and knew I could only get non-refrigerated food.  I did happen to stop by the bakery and pick up two awesome finds…

I also picked up one of these to snack on tomorrow during my Group Strength ALL day training/conference… (picture tomorrow!)

Look at all the nut butter goodness!!!!!  (Picked some up later at Trader Joe’s, it’s always way cheaper!)

And one of my most favorite finds of the night!

The coveted and sought after PB&J Lara Bar!!!!!!  I have seen these on blogs like crazy and been insanely jealous because for WHATEVER reason….it seems like Earth Fare always has every type BUT there guys.  I literally girl squealed when I saw these beauties.  Score.  They also had my favorite chocolate bars:

“Save a (insert endangered animal) by eating chocolate”  Love these guys.  Not to mention the CANDY:

I resisted.  Barely.  Simply because it was time for TRADER JOE’S!!!!!  (located 2 minutes from W.F….I AM MOVING HERE!!!)

Seriously….this evening was the equivalent of taking a 5 year old to Disney World and just setting them free.

Twenty minutes later and it was like I had just finished the final round on “Supermarket Sweep”

I left Trader Joe’s (depression setting in) and needed some caffeine.  Stopped the the bizzle for a tall Misto, which was looking like a work of art!

Then headed back to the hotel to check out all the loot!!!

Ok….I was on a bit of a sweet kick.  I am going to spread it out, ok?!?!?!  😉

Back to the nut butter….if you can *ever* make it to a Trader Joe’s, make sure to get the Almond Butter THERE.  It is $4.99 for a huge container as opposed to $10.00 to $15.00 anywhere else.

Time for dessert.  😉

Vegan Chocolate Chip cookie anyone?!?

I was on a sugar/Whole Foods/Trader Joe, high.  So that explains the expression.  May have also tasted the Dark Chocolate Edamame Beans…had to make sure they were good, right?!

Best night in recent memory.  Grocery stores give me this feeling, and I completely accept the fact that this makes me the biggest nerd on the face of the blog planet.  Oatmeal excited me this morning, and a grocery store excited me tonight.  I am officially 65 years old, and love it.  🙂

Night bloggies.

All day Strength Training tomorrow!!!  Can’t wait!



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10 responses to “Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods…’nuff said.

  1. ari

    grocery stores are my playgrounds. i could spend my whole life in whole foods, definitely. in trader joe’s too, but unfortunately i’ve only had the pleasure of stepping foot inside one once in my life =/

  2. tonjatoi

    woo hoo – looks like you scored! I recently had my first PB&J Lara Bar and it rocked. Hope you enjoy it!

  3. Heather Whited

    Ohhhh MMMMM GGGGGG … how FUN !!!! and what loot you have …. we MUST demand a Trader Joe’s here …. i loved the one in Cali — shopped there all the time.
    i had a rough day today … seemed like i couldn’t get myself on track .. but tomorrow is another day — will pick up hailey from the sleepover and head straight to the gym …. no passing go – no collecting $200 ….. treadmill AND machines tomorrow …. back to clean livin …….
    hearts and hugs to u !!

  4. i just went grocery shopping and it made for the best saturday night i’ve had in a while, so i totally feel you on the excitement of grocery stores! good luck tomorrow!

  5. You and I are long lost best friends!!! I love that you said WHole Foods and Trader Joes are Heaven!!! I feel the same way, its like Disneyland!! I get EXCITED to go to tj’s and whole foods, and could be there for hours, I go every week even if I dont need anything, I want to see anything new, and just to walk around in awe, lol!!

    I say Im a nerd to because of this, so we can both be nerds!!! U got some great stuff, the cereals fromTJ’s yu got I must get my hands on, and choco covered edamame!!! Wow!!

    So glad you found PB&J Larabar too, you will love!!!

    You rock, enough said! Happy Valentines Day!!!!!

  6. Haha I love me some WF. The closest one to me is 45 minutes, but I find the time to make it out there once a week. It is totally worth the time and money.

  7. thanks for folliowing me on twitter!
    your blog looks great and i can’t wait to keep reading.
    awesome finds at WF and TJ’s!

  8. Haha I know that feeling! There is no Trader Joes or Fresh Market or ANYTHING near my university. I actually went home this weekend to visit and the first thing I did was go to Trader Joes to stock up! 🙂

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