Forget NY, I <3 NC!

“Mommy wow……I’m a big kid now”

Ok, so I seriously took the bus to the mall.  And survived to tell the tale!!!

So even with all the confusing routes/different buses, I managed to find the right one….and it took me to Tyler-Shopping


This place was seriously massive, and was a combination of outdoor shops and a humoung-o (yep…it’s a word) mall of madness!

(can you hear the little Angel’s singing as I was walking around this joint?!?!  Because that was totally what was going on.)

Stopped off first at one of my absolute favorites:

I had to fight the urge to buy a new wallet.  These were the cutest things I have evaaaaah seen…

BURGER WALLET?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!   Must……..burger…….wallllllet.  I fought it though!  I still love my white wallet I got at the Dirty Bird (aka American Eagle) a while back.  Everyone makes fun of me for it, which is precisely what makes me ❤ it so.

I also drooled uncontrollably, and decided to pop in Williams and Sonoma:

Tell me you could resist that display?!?!

There also may have been some *light* shopping involved.  C’mon, how is a blogger boy supposed to resist sales?!?!

I am pretty sure that Hollister/A&F now officially own my soul.  They may have before today, to be completely honest.  This next picture was for Christie, who told me I *HAD* to go into Macy’s.

Totally glad I did, though.  They were displaying the Keurig coffee machines, and giving out free coffee.  FREE.  COFFEE?!?!?!  Yes please.

So yummy.  Emily has one of these bad boys at her house, and I adore it.  We are planning a “Blog Bake Off” next week, and I am sure the Keuirg machine will come into play on more than one occasion.

I was starrrrving by this point, but remembered a little gem that I had stowed away for just such a snack attack craving!

Clif to the rescue.  Love these little mini guys!

It was almost time for my shopping trip to come to a close:

I waited for the bus, and checked out my goods!

I was good, and saved money for Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods…we are going later tonight and I am STOKED.  Made it back to the hotel (again…right bus, right stop…I was on a roll) and needed another snack…so I grabbed:

and some of these little cuties:

And on that note, we are off for some more adventures!  Dinner, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and more shopping.  Sooooooooo excited!!!!!

Have a good one bloggies!!!!!



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3 responses to “Forget NY, I <3 NC!

  1. I’m so happy you are going to make it to Trader Joe’s! 🙂

  2. Have did you like that superfoods bar? I bought one but haven’t tried it yet!

  3. An evening spent at TJ’s and WF sounds like my kind of evening. Buy lots of fun stuff!

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