Continental Oatmeal.

Good morning bloggers!!!  What a day so far!  Woke up around 8:00am and headed down to the free breakfast.  C’mon now, you gotta love a good Continental Breakfast.

I was *almost* tempted to make my own waffle, but resisted when I saw a familiar guy…

Is it sad that a jug-o-hot-oatmeal made my heart skip a beat?!?!  Oh, Mr. Quaker.  How I love thee.

This bowl of joy had walnuts, brown sugar, raisins, plain yogurt, and PB (of course!)….paired it with some fruit/granola…and half of a cinnamon wheat bagel with a smidge of cream cheese…

This was scrumptious!  Now with a full belly I knew it was time to find the “workout room” to get some cardio on:

Always gotta be prepared, right?!?!

Found it!  Complete with some cardio machines circa 1974.

But hey, I would workout on a giant metal hamster wheel if it meant not having to run in the SNOW!  Have I mentioned that I am THE fair-weather runner?!?!

Sweated it up nicely with a 40 minute elliptical visits, and then 2 miles on the Mill of Death.  I have to say too, I don’t know if it was from sitting/kneeling on the hard wood surface of the floors at the conference yesterday or what…but my right knee started to KILL me while I was running.  I seriously had to stop after 2 miles, and limp back to the room.  I have no idea what it was/is but it scares me so close to the Half Marathon!!!  Eek.  I took some Advil when I got back to the room and did some major stretching, and it feels a bit better…but still worries me.  Ugh.

By the time I got back to the room, stretched, answered some emails (I have some very important news to share soon about two free products coming my way thanks to companies that love the blog.  There might also be a giveaway or two involved.  😉 ), showered…and it was lunch time!

I looked around in the room and saw some random yet potentially yummy lunch options from my stash-o-goodies:

I decided to do some fresh fruit, and a carrot cake muffin…complete with PB for dippage!

Then I chowed down while I decided/decide on what my next move will be.  The girls will be in class until 5:00 or so, and with no car…I am already bored.  I am thinking about hopping the city bus over to a GINORMOUS mall.  Truth is, I have never taken then bus…I am sceered!  We shall see what happens.  I think this place seems worth the risk. 😉

Later bloggies!  Stay warm and have an awesome Saturday!



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10 responses to “Continental Oatmeal.

  1. Call a cab!

    Where does your knee hurt? I have had all kinds of knee pain!

    • I can’t really explain it. Its the left knee and semi-deep in the left side. Only really hurts when I jog or run, but I can still feel it while walking…I am hoping its just something that needs rest!!!

      And PS a cab was 12 bucks each way for the mall that was *2* miles away. There was no way!

  2. Yeah dude, take a cab. Public transporatation is gross. Well, in Boston it is.
    That continental breakfast looks awesome, every single one I have encountered consisted of box cereal and Otis Spunkmyer muffins. Lame.

  3. Legal Guardian

    Food all looked great…I hope your knee is better…probably just from kneeling down alot…How many miles on your shoes or are these new shoes..that could be it 2…Still sore from HIT Thursday..good class..Good luck in your classes..

  4. I am also a fair weather runner. Some may say that I’m a wimp, but I don’t like to be cold or wet while running. Yikes on the knee! Definitely stretch and get some ice on it as well.

  5. Haha your expression is priceless in that mirror pic! I always put arnica gel on my knees when they are sore/after a long run and it usually does the trick!

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