Followed by Snow.

I swear the snow is following me from state to state.

We showered and got ready after the convention today, and then headed out for dinner and battled the snow!  We decided on Ruby Tuesdays, which had a yummy looking menu!

I couldnt decide between the salad bar, and the mini veggie burgers…so I got both!  They had a combo with two mini burgers plus the endless salad bar…sahhhhh-weet!

Huge, veggie filled salad topped with a bit of pasta salad and cottage cheese as “dressing”….Mmmmmmm….

We also may have ordered some chips and salsa.

I swear Vickie and Mandi ate them all.  😉

It was time for veggie burgerrrrrrrrz.

Two mini-veggie burgers…broccoli instead of fries…

Ravaged the plate as usual, but left the overly white buns…

Which conveniently left room for…..   wait for it, waiiiiit for it….

They give people seven reasons to eat TCBY, but honestly….I didn’t even really need one in order for my arm to be twisted…

I tried some “coffee”

But ultimately went with my standard…White Chocolate Mousse.  They also had Mango which was an instant winner on top.

Left TCBY and headed back to the hotel…the snow keeps coming faster!  I am almost worried to see what we will wake up to, tomorrow.

AFAA was fun, interesting, and extreeeemely tiring.  I am calling it a night.  Vickie and Mandi are doing a Kickboxing workshop/training and I have the day to do whatever!  Whole Foods/Trader Joes is SO near me, but with no car…I am trying to decide how to get there. Is calling a cab too ridiculous???  Any of my NC bloggers want to come pick me up?!?!  hahaha. I had planned on doing a long outdoor run, and even brought Garmin along for the trip…but with the snow…I suppose it will be the workout room in the hotel.  I hope it’s nice!

Well, I am out for the night.  LONG day, but good.  It will be weird waking up in another snow filled state!  Whats everyone got planned for Valentines Day, and more importantly…will you give into the temptation of chocolate?!?!?! I think we all know what my answer will be.  😉



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8 responses to “Followed by Snow.

  1. Heather Whited

    WOW – look at that SNOW and we don’t have a darn flake here…. and that TCBY looks heavenly… yummylicious !!!!!
    Hailey and I will spend tomorrow in Pigeon Forge – they bball team made it to the final State Championship game. It is tomorrow at 2pm against Hampton. Send all the good vibes ya can for them !!!! After the game will head on to the Tangier for some MUCH needed retail therapy with my best gal. Then head on back home. My V’day will be spent with my most favorite gal in the entire world. She’s my reason, ya know ! I’m thinking we’ll even head to the Y and spend some time on the machines … nothin says lovin like a little time on tha tread … yeahhhh baby !!
    You get some well deserved rest !!!!
    ps – i’m still gonna win that prize !!!!
    hearts and hugs 🙂

  2. Hey wow, guess the snow loves you!!lol!! Not snowing here where I am, thankfully because I am sick of it!!

    I would totaly rock out calling a cab to go to Whole Foods or Trader Joes, no shame!!! Love those places!!!!

    I hope you have a great Saturday !!!

    Last night my fiance and I went out for Valentines Day Dinner at this amazing place in DC, was so good, the apple pie dessert was AMAZING!!!!! Loved it!! No chocolate for me, Im not a big chocolate fan! xoxoxo

  3. I am glad the snow left me! I hate that stuff!

    Go for the outdoor run. I am sure it will be fine.

    • Remember me, Matt??? The ULTIMATE fair weather runner?!?! I think unfortunately the Death-Mill it shall be for me today. Some shopping cardio can’t hurt too, right?!

  4. I read somewhere that there is measurable snow in 49 of the 50 states. I’m moving to the one that doesn’t have snow, I don’t care how far away it is.
    Love the new header by the by! Personally I would’ve chosen a little spermie with running shorts instead of the male sign, but to each their own! 😉

  5. If I were closer, I totally would come get you!

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