Holy Shirataki!!!

I think an adult snow day is not only needed once a week…but should officially be required by law.  I have had such an amazing day!  After playing around online and making a new banner for the blog (whaddya think?!) I was getting the munchies and needed a snack!  Fruit to the rescue.

Sliced up some strawberries and a Gala Apple, and made what is now my favorite fruit dip:

Mixed a bit of Peach jam with some Oikos yogurt…sprinkled with granola:

In the meantime, my baking instinct kicked in.  I knew that a snow day was the perfect time to bake the Carrot Cake Muffins I bought at Earth Fare a while back:

These boys called for oil and an egg.  I subbed a bit by doing egg beaters, yogurt instead of oil…and an addition of flax seed

Mixed it all together, and spooned with an ice cream scoop into the muffin pan!

Baked til golden!  These guys smelled AHHHH-mazing.

Luckily, it was time for lunch which kept me conveniently distracted from consuming all 12 warm muffins.

I went to the fridge for inspiration and saw something staring back at me that I have been clueless on how to use:

These are tofu “noodles” that weigh in at a whopping 40 calories for the entire bag!!!  Double word score came into play when I flipped over to the back and saw a Hungry Girl recipe, and I had all the ingredients! 🙂

Notice how she warns of the “authentic aroma” of the noodles.  Apparently “authentic aroma” = smelly fish death festival.  These bad boys WREAKED.  I washed them at least seven times before they smelled neutral.  I had major doubts about this dish…but continued on!

I also added some spinach for some extra yumminess.

Simmered the broth, complete with veggies for 15 minutes…

There also may have been enough red pepper flakes in this pot to choke a horse.  What can I say, I like it spicy!

Here is when the noodles came into play.  Remember these *formerly* stinky fellows?

Added them in, and cooked for the final five minutes..

Plated a huge bowl up with some new crackers:

and some laughing cow light swiss…

The soup was AMAZING! I had some serious doubts about the noodles, but they were so tasty!!!  Identical to a noodle.  SO yummy.  Plenty of leftovers, too!  🙂  Yall should know what was for dessert…

Carrot Muffin with a smear of pumpkin butter.  DEEEEEEE-licious.  Seriously amazing.

That being said….

Let it snow. 😉



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11 responses to “Holy Shirataki!!!

  1. the new banner is bangin’. more importantly, where did you find the “noodles”?? they look cool.

  2. I got them at Earth Fare!!! They should be around in most grocery stores though, especially Specialty ones. They are yummy!!! Taste alot like “ramen” noodles!

  3. Umm your baked goods, your soup, your banner, AND my banner look awesome!!! Thanks for pimpin’ out my blog with cuteness! 🙂

  4. Jen

    Tyler – Your banner looks awesome but there’s a tiny grammar mistake in it. I’m an English teacher – that’s why I noticed it. It should be “boy’s” – possessive. Really, I’m not that picky about grammar but I don’t want you to have a mistake on your banner. And – maybe it’s just not showing up on my computer or it got cut off or something. I just wanted to let ya know…

    BTW, I had a snow day today too and it was wonderful!

  5. Your banner is awesome!

    I tried those noodles and I thought they were horrible 😦

  6. Sammi

    Carrot cake muffins? That’s amazing! I am jealous!

    I had those shirataki noodles! They smell awful but I did really enjoy them. They had the texture of chef boyardi spaghetti (which I use to love). Too bad every time I ate them they gave me an awful tummy ache. I was doubled over in pain both times I tried them… I don’t know why?

  7. Yumm! I love Shiritaki noodles! You have to try it tossed with pesto..it’s the bomb for sure!

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