Grown Up Snow Day!

Yep, the YMCA is closed which means no Express Cycle to teach @ 12:15…and no working the front desk tonight!  Grown up snow days….who knew?!?!?!  😉  Taking full advantage of this day by immediately throwing on the old Michigan sweatshirt, and cuddling with some t.v. and doggie goodness.  My day started wayyy back at 5:00am this morning.

Headed to Johnson City to teach my spin class @ 6:00am.  At this point it was dusting snow but definitely nothing I couldn’t manage in my little car.  Had four in class, which is sort of a bummer.  I am used to all my classes at the YMCA being full to the brim, so it is tough on me when I have small classes at my new gym.  I know I just need to give it some time, I am just spoiled I suppose!  Kim was there today, so it made it all better!  Class was great, although I didn’t give it full effort.  After pushing myself way to hard in our 10 miler yesterday, I was/am really having some pain in my right hip.  Kim was nice enough to give me some “personal trainer” stretches after spin class, and then we had a gloooorious hot tub session that really helped the ole hip…thanks, Krucker! 😉

As we sat in the hot tub we noticed through the huge (but steamy) windows that it was getting whiter and whiter…and appeared to be foggy.  By the time we were prunes, and headed out…it had snowed like crazy!  They were calling city school systems out (which is a huge deal around here) so Kim and I decided to head home while we still could!  I had a nice and quick 10 minute sauna sesh, and headed home.  Left the casa with a clear road/yard, and came home to this two hours later:

It’s only a couple of inches, but it is still coming down…and the roads are solid ice.  Slid like a mad man getting home.  Got the call from the YMCA letting me know that they were closed, and quickly went into “Snow Day” mode.  I really wasnt sure what I wanted for breakfast, but this almost empty container made the decision for me!

one of my all time favorite nut-nutters was almost empty!  (tragedy!)  It was time for OIAJ (Oats In A Jar)

Made some old fashioned (Quaker) oats in the microwave with Almond Milk, and a heaping TBSP of Flax Seed:

See all the flaxen-goodness?!?!?!  Mixed this with a big scoop of pumpkin:

and then emptied into the almost empty PB jar…

Also added an un-heard of amount of cinnamon to this bad boy…and enjoyed!  So good, yet now I am completely stuffed and ready for nap mode.  I think these guys are too…

Yea….it’s gonna be a rough day.  😉



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8 responses to “Grown Up Snow Day!

  1. Natalie

    You are the BEST! I love ya!

  2. aww i’m totally jealous of your snow day! cute pups by the way!

  3. oiaj is where it’s at.

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