Terrific Tuesday!

Got to work tonight and it was “Terrific Tuesday”  YAY for free goodies!

and a BIG yay for Kashi goodness:

I decided on a kashi for my snack!  It’s free, why not?!

Yummmmmm.  Anything with dark chocolate is an instant win.  Paired it with some grape-ness…

With snack accomplished, it was try to attempt some work.  I really do love working at the gym this time of year.  It is always packed with people, and there is a ton of stuff to do.  Definitely fitness’ hectic/crazy time of the year.  Love it!  Dinner was simple, and delicious.  Had an Amy’s burrito…steamed veggies, and hummus!

Alllll together now…

So good!!!!  Super filling too, which is always…..and alwwwwways gotta have a dessert…which was the LAST of my “save a tiger” dark chocolate with espresso beans:

I am so sad to see this chocolate go!  It was so delicious!

On that note, I am wrapping up Tuesday.  ANOTHER 5am wake-up call for spin in Johnson City.  My hip is sort of bugging me from the run so afterwards I am totally taking advantage of the hot tub.  That alone is worth the hideous earliness.

Have a GREAT night!!!  🙂

Blogger Boy Inquiry O The Night:

What type of injuries/issues have you had from working out/running?  What did you to do “fix” it?



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12 responses to “Terrific Tuesday!

  1. Pamela

    I hope your hip feels better soon! I injured myself in my first half-marathon in November. Around mile 9 something in my right foot just… snapped? Not the right word b/c nothing was broken, but I had major issues with the tendons that connect from the half and wrap down the outside and under the foot. It hurt to walk for 3+ weeks. That sucked big time. 😦
    I did finish the race, but I would have made it under 2 hours if I hadn’t malfunctioned, ha. I think it was b/c it was a really hilly race… Sorry for the long comment! Love the blog!

    • omg how awful to happen right in the MIDDLE of a race!!! That stinks. Major kudos for finishing it injured. You definitely receive “beast” status from me on that one!!! Don’t ever apologize for long comments, I love them all!!! Thanks for reading and commenting!!! ❤

  2. I’ve had achilles tendonitis and runners knee. Both required a significant time off from running, but I took that time to work on strength training. We all need a break from running at some point so it was nice actually. The break was nice, not the pain 😉

  3. The question for me is, “What injury from training have I not had?” IT band, bone contusion, SI joint, runner’s knee. Everything! Apparently I need to stretch a LOT more.

  4. Pat Mccard

    Have had problem with my knees mainly the left, bought new shoes and it seems to have taken care of it for now.

  5. LOVE that hummus! Good stuff.

    I’m lucky to not have had many injuries since my competitive cheerleading days in high school (sprained ankle and a torn hamstring – ouch!).

    I did have an overuse injury (I assume) in my right knee when I started to really take working out seriously, but eliminating squats and lunges seems to have taken care of it for the most part.

  6. Ive had some trouble with my hip (you can check it out on my blog) and after some solid PT and cutting back on cardio Im doing much better. Its basically came down to bad anatomy, over training, and assuming the pain will “just go away.” Not the case! I learned the hard way to listen to my body (as well as a million awesome stretches and strengthen exercises)!!

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