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Terrific Tuesday!

Got to work tonight and it was “Terrific Tuesday”  YAY for free goodies!

and a BIG yay for Kashi goodness:

I decided on a kashi for my snack!  It’s free, why not?!

Yummmmmm.  Anything with dark chocolate is an instant win.  Paired it with some grape-ness…

With snack accomplished, it was try to attempt some work.  I really do love working at the gym this time of year.  It is always packed with people, and there is a ton of stuff to do.  Definitely fitness’ hectic/crazy time of the year.  Love it!  Dinner was simple, and delicious.  Had an Amy’s burrito…steamed veggies, and hummus!

Alllll together now…

So good!!!!  Super filling too, which is always…..and alwwwwways gotta have a dessert…which was the LAST of my “save a tiger” dark chocolate with espresso beans:

I am so sad to see this chocolate go!  It was so delicious!

On that note, I am wrapping up Tuesday.  ANOTHER 5am wake-up call for spin in Johnson City.  My hip is sort of bugging me from the run so afterwards I am totally taking advantage of the hot tub.  That alone is worth the hideous earliness.

Have a GREAT night!!!  🙂

Blogger Boy Inquiry O The Night:

What type of injuries/issues have you had from working out/running?  What did you to do “fix” it?



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Hello Double Digits, I Have Missed You So.

1-0 baby!!!!  Feels good to get the 10 miler under my belt again.  Awesome run….but more on that later.  My day started off with another 5am wakeup call.  Why do these seem to be happening more and more?!  I headed to the YMCA to make some copies of the AFAA book to study for this weekends conference in Chapel Hill, NC.  SO excited by the way.  Hoping the cursed snow doesn’t ruin it!!

I love how my camera being with me 24/7 has turned into “let’s take really random pictures of sleepy Tyler at really, REALLY, early hours at work!!!!!”

Brought my breakfast with me to work, which I prepped at the hizzy before I left.  I was really craving some good old fashioned cereal!  I combined three, because that’s how I roll.

And when I got hungry @ work…

A sliced nana also found himself in the pool of joy.  Yum!

Finished up at the YMCA, and headed to Kennedy to have my cardio circuit class with the kids.  Again, I set up six stations and we just rotated through them with High School Musical blaring in the background. (what joy @ 7am.)  At this point it was about 8:30, so I grabbed a small coffee….and headed to JC to meet (and apparently sleepy) Emily for our 10 miler:

Eek!  It was FREEZING.  We got started with a 1:30:00 goal for the day.  This run is HILL city, and it was frigid.  However with Emily, Garmin, and Lady GaGa….I knew we could do it.  😉

I’m not going to lie, the first 6 miles were complete torture.  The wind was seriously pummeling us in the face, and the hills were insane.  After that though it was (somewhat) smooth sailing.  The wind backed off, and the route flattened towards the end.

We made it!

And 4 minutes ahead of our goal…..yeeeeeeee boy!!!!!

hahahaha.  My outfit looks ridic.  Who cares though right???  The new shoes (Mizuno Alchemy 9’s) were a dream come true.  Amazing how much a new shoe can make a difference.  We quickly decided to head to Panera for some carbs/coffee!

Seeing this post run was like a kid in a candy store:

We split a trail mix bagel with peanut butter, an apple, and two huge coffees:

I gotta commend Panera.  They always have such healthy and delicious options.  I mean peanut butter on hand for bagels?!?!  They got our backs, yo.

A little smear of PB always helps…

Emily, in picture taking glory:

Nothing better than an awesome friend and coffee!

Headed back to the house.  Took a much needed shower, and then proceeded to collapse into an hour long coma.  Post run naps are so nice, and needed.  Woke up a bit stiff, though!  Time for lunch!  I started out with some new bread that I was excited to try out:

These babies are so cute!  Like little carb-y clams!

Smeared one half of this bad boy with some almond butter…topped with half a banana, and sprinkled with cinnamon:

The other half got topped with some amazing new jam I bought…

and topped that baby off!

Also had a pear and apple sliced on the side, with some plain Oikos yogurt…and more peach jam for dippage:

Yum.  yum.  YUM!!!!  Nice and refreshing lunch, perfect for a post run.  Also had a glass of water the size of my head.

Off to work bloggies….have a great Tuesday!!! 🙂


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