Ice Cream > All.

What.  A.  Day.

  • Taught elementary kids Yoga.
  • Taught high schoolers Yoga.
  • Taught adults in spin class.

I love how this is a normal Monday for me.  Gotta love craziness.  Heck, I thrive on it.  Everything was great today in hindsight!  Yoga was great, and everyone was giving 110% in spin.  Nothing like a good ole Monday night spin to work up an awesome sweat.  I know it is a good sign when we are three songs in, and I am already wiping my burning eyes from all the sweat!  Awesome!  Rushed home to make dinner…I was starving!  I had in mind a homemade dish, inspired by the one I got at the Mexican place on Saturday…but I left all my cold groceries at the YMCA!  Ugh.  Oh well, thankfully I had a nice meal to throw together.  I knew I wanted hummus and carrots first and foremost:

Best.  Hummus.  Evah.

I heated up a Boca Burger in the microwave, and topped it with some cheese.  Also toasted up an Arnolds Thin:

Assembled the goods!  (Burger was topped with more hummus plus some spicy mustard)

I am still hooked on these Veggie Stix!!!!!!!  They are beyond good.

Dessert was ahhhh-mazing as usual and included this new addition to my line-up.  (I have a feeling he won’t stick around very long)

Complete bliss quickly followed.

Topped with a banana…..and perfection:

Does it get any better?!?!


Definitely felt like a Monday all day, but the worst is over right?  Its BASICALLY Friday.  😉

Night bloggies.



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8 responses to “Ice Cream > All.

  1. yummm love that hummus. the roasted red pepper is great too! maybe I’ll make a batch of my own…

  2. I love Sabra hummus! Have you tried the roasted garlic? It is amazing, but it is dangerous! I was eating some at work and stunk up the whole weight room!

  3. I lived in the Middle East for a couple of years, and Sabra is absolutely the best of hummus here (especially the pine nut one).

    Love the blog! I have a similar weight loss story (that’s still in progress) and recently ran my first half. Look forward to hearing more about your journey (and, being vegan, getting some food ideas here – or just drooling over the pics you put up!).

  4. I *heart* the ice cream and bananas! I’m jealous!

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