Sleep. Glorious Sleep!

Sleep really has proven to be the best medicine, and I am feeling better!  I think I was just really rundown in general and needed some z’s.  Also…breakfast had me feeling instantly better.  😉

If it’s Cracker Barrel…and it’s before 10am….you can wager a pretty safe bet that it will *always* be Oatmeal for me.  Theirs is the BEST.  Not to mention the bran muffin goodness, and a cup or seven of coffee.


Headed back home and proceeded to collapse into a two hour nap, which then brought my amount of sleep up to around 12 hours.  Either my body really needs/needed sleep or I am officially a bear preparing for hibernation.  I am ok with either option to be completely honest.

I am normally against laying around the house with nothing to do, but I have to admit that today it has been amazing.  I have watched tv, which I rarely do these days, and just slugged around.  I guess my schedule is normally so hectic that I don’t even have time to think about having nothing to do, let alone be presented with that option.  Odd but nice.  Gilmore Girls, Mean Girls, Hoarders…my day has consisted of some very random, yet pleasant, tv viewing.

Time for lunch, and I was craving some mac and cheese!

Annie to the rescue!  Also had some veggie dog’s I needed to use, so I decided to “beef” this meal up with some Smart Dogs, Broccoli, and a TON of fresh spinach:

The Smart Dogs are great, and taste just like hot dogs!

And can we just discuss how spinach is officially the “disappearing vegetable” ????  I swear I started with at *least* 3 cups of it in the mac and cheese.  It wilted into nothingness!  Ended up throwing another huge portion into the pot:

Mmmmmm….Mac and Cheese goodness:

My portion in my favorite bowl:

Delciouuuus.  And plenty of leftovers which will undoubtedly be blogged about soon.  Finished off with some dark chocolate lovin’.  Remember my Monkey Chocolate?!?!?!  Well, it was time for Tiger Chocolate!!!

My serving + a jealous pup:

I’m now ready to brave the rest of the day,  with my choco-strength enabled.  😉

Have a good one bloggies….what is everyone doing for Super Bowl Sunday?? I am thinking of boycotting.



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3 responses to “Sleep. Glorious Sleep!

  1. Hope you have a good day! Cracker Barrel is bomb!!!

    I am glad you are feeling better and got sleep!!!!

    The chocolate looks so good!!!!

    We are staying home and watching the superbowl, I just hope they have some good commercials!!

    Have a good day!

  2. I always get the pancakes at Cracker Barrel. They are seriously AMAZING. You better get them next weekend!

    I am not doing much for the Super Bowl. I actually have a lot of homework to do that I failed to do today 😉

  3. hoarders = crazy town. that show amazes me.
    I am listening to itunes and surfing the interwebs with the tv on mute on this lovely super bowl sunday. I am so cool.

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