What A Day.

It’s hilarious to me that in 4.5 hours I will have been up for 24 consecutive hours, how did that even happen?!?!  That being said I seriously doubt that I will last long, and will more than likely pass out immediately after I post!  My bed is looking like heaven right about now, but I couldn’t leave my bloggies in the dark about my whereabouts after work, and the grub that was consumed, right?!

Left work and met Maggie and her friend Jessica (super nice) for dinner.  They had already eaten and I was STARVING, so I got some Japanese take out (veggie of course!!).  I got the mixed vegetables…LIGHT butter and LIGHT sauce.  I asked for steamed rice instead of fried.  Sorry for the bad pic on this, we were running late for the movie and I had to eat in the backseat.  I was STARVING after eating nothing since around 12pm at the Earth Fizz.

The rice still looked semi-fried, and the carrots were wayyyy too sweet for me, so I ate all the veggie goodness, and was left with this aftermath:

I seriously feel like I didn’t even make a dent in this meal.  WHO COULD EAT THIS MUCH???  Is this really considered to be one dinner?!  Oh well, the veggies were scrumptious…although I fear the calorie content…but it was a Friday night and I was trying to not be overly crazy.  That being said, when I walked into the theatre I was confronted with my ALL time…MOST beloved…#1 Tyler  weakness in this life:

Movie.  Theatre.  Popcorn.

I was totally ready to not even order any, and my friend was telling the clerk how much I loved it, and he offered me a free popcorn!!!  How could I turn it down?  I mean really.  This is when moderation comes into play for me.  If you want something, HAVE IT.  Just don’t over indulge. With two heavy workouts, I didn’t even flinch as I happily ate my corn, and watched Dear John. Which I am totally staying quiet about because I don’t want to sway anyone/ruin it in any way.  So there.

So happy Friday everyone!  Here is to a full and cram-packed Saturday which includes:

  • Weekend Warrior @ 9:00am (A anything goes 60 minute class where I can torture  happily please my victims willing participants however I see fit.)
  • Spin @ 10:30am
  • Work 12:30-6:00
  • 6:00pm on…Who Knows!!!  Fun times.

Blogger Boy Inquiry O’ The Night:

Whats your favorite movie treat?



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6 responses to “What A Day.

  1. I don’t snack at the movies anymore, but when I was little I lived and breathed for sour patch kids.
    I need to finish Dear John before I see the movie…I hear it’s different than the book…that’s never good!

  2. I never buy food at the movies! It is way too expensive and who the hell knows what they put in there. And don’t worry about your dinner… You basically just ate vegetables. Live a little 😉


    Movie theater popcorn is the best though! I hardly get it when I go to the movies, I usually bring a healthy snack in my purse!!!

    Have agreat day!! xoxo

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