Sickly Saturday

I have this sinus/cold/ANNOYING thing going on right now, and I think doing those two classes plus working really took it out of me tonight.  Started some medicine though, and I am feeling better.  Nothing a little REST tonight and tomorrow…and a trip to Cracker Barrel for my favorite Sunday breakfast won’t quickly fix.  Left work tonight and headed to Johnson City for some yummy Mexican food!!  Went to Amigos!

Obligatory bucket ‘o chips.  My friends ordered a spinach dip appetizer, of which I may have tried.  😉  I did have enough self control to only eat 6 or 7 chippy’s.

I love how their “spinach” dip is 10% spinach and 90% cheese.  Looked over the menu and instantly found a winner:

Jalisco it was!  I got it sans the sour cream.

Yum.  Yum.  YUM.

This guy was loaded with spinach, onions, and mushrooms.  SUCH a good combination.  Had really good flavor.  The cheese was also very light, which was a surprising bonus.  The “salad” mixed with the guac was the perfect side!  Here is Kathleen enjoying a nice tall Rita:

Isn’t she an angel??  Love her!  Here is my fav Nat!!

She wanted to be in the blog world, so her wish was my command!

We also ventured into Old Navy afterwards…

I think the scary part is how much I DO resemble the creepy things.

We also re-arranged some heads just for funsies.

Are these not officially the MOST creepy advertisement you have ever seen?!?!?!  (even when placed on the correct bodies?!?!)

We were going to head to Rita’s Frozen Custard to try their new “Slenderitas” line…but they were closed!  Sad day.  So we headed back to Kingsport, and I made my own FroYo treat.  Took some Greek God’s Yogurt…chopped some dark chocolate…and made my own!  It is currently chilling in the freezer waiting on consumption.  😉

On that note, it is time for a HUGE dose of Ny-Quil….and an appointment with my bed.  Tomorrow is the first day in recent HISTORY where I have no plans, other than the Sunday Cracker Barrel Breakfast Extravaganza.  National Holiday is currently pending on that one. I am going to use that oppritunity to take a rest day (also a recent history maker) and hopefully get this crud out of my system.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday, and has an even more wonderful Sunday!



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4 responses to “Sickly Saturday

  1. Heather Whited

    Hiya Sweetness !!!
    I really hope you get some much needed rest …. I bet you anything that will help so much !!! Your body has to have a chance to recover !!
    Hopefully we will connect tomorrow !!
    and PS – those fake people are ca – reeeeee- py ……
    hearts and hugs …..
    ME 🙂

  2. I know!! The old navy mannequinsare THE CREEPIEST LOOKING THINGS EVER. Period. I always think they’re real people when I see one.
    Feel better!

  3. Nyquil is a gift from the God’s. I always feel better after taking some and getting a good nights sleep!

  4. Feel better!

    (Those are creepy :/ )

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