Saturday Goodness.

As promised, I quickly passed out last night soon after I hit “publish” on my last post.  Woke up a little late, and prepped a quick lunch for work, and breakfast on the go.  Started by making my lunch for later…

Started with some organic pasta sauce, and then added a new food that I was excited to try!!

Add a wrap and cheese goodness:

Rolled that bad boy up and sliced ‘er up!

After I packed up my lunch (complete with a huge hunk ‘o broccoli, some tzatziki greek yogurt dip, and some Earth Fizzy Dehydrated Veggie Chip-Goodness.

Got started on a breakfast I could eat en route to the YMCA!  I knew I needed something that would last a while through 2 classes!  Went with some Kashi Waffles:

And my new AB:

Mmmmm…Almond Goodness:

Toasted the waffles, and smeared on the nut butter:

In the words of Fitnessista…..plates are for SUCKAS!

The only thing better than Almond Butter is melted Almond Butter.

Chowed down on that in the car.  It lasted all of about 10 seconds.  😉

Got to the YMCA all ready to teach Weekend Warrior, and realized that it wasn’t even my week to teach!  I alternate with 3 other girls so I am constantly messed up on when my week is.  Mandi, the girl who taught, is a BEAST so I happily took her class.  We are actually going to North Carolina next weekend for AFAA certification/fitness conference, I am super stoked!!!!

Completed a fun filled Weekend Warrior and then had an aweeeesome and full spin class.  We really sweated it up today!  Had to crack the door it was so HAWT!  😉

Quickly showered and such, and then headed down to the front desk to work.  I was starving, and munched on one of Emily’s homemade protein bars:

These are like….WHOMG good.  I love knowing every ingredient that went into these guys.   SO GOOD.  The chopped dates and chocolate made it amazing.

Also munched down on a plum:

Here I am without a workout BEAST Neysa.  She took both classes this morning!

hahahahahaha, I ❤ flexing and attempting to have a bicep.

Fast forward to me starving…lunch time!!! 😉

Check out these veggie “chips” from Earth Fare:

Gotta love those ingredients!  These are SO good.


Well, work calls.  Have an awesome Saturday bloggies!!!

Blogger Boy Inquiry O’ The Day:

When do you eat your biggest meal?


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  1. My biggest meal is usually dinner. Some days it is the only meal I have time to eat a big meal!

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