Rainy Day = Random Fun.

Welcome to the weekend!!!!  My Friday started early with a 5:00am wake up call to go teach spin.  Do I look overjoyed?!?!?!

And yes, my work clothes become my pajamas the next day…deal with it.  😉  Look closely and you will see my jumpstart, pre-spin class treat:

My LAST spelt cookie with a smear of PB.  Sadness consumed my life for 2.5 seconds until I realized that I was going to be visiting the Earth Fizzle today to replenish my stock.

Drudged my way to the YMCA in the cold rain, and was ecstatic when I had 12 people sign up!!!!  Pretty good for the first day of the Friday 5:45am class!  w00t.

Post spin I headed down to Panera with Steph and two of my most favorite Starbucks employees!

Here was my Breakfast-O-Choice.  Trail Mix Bagel…and a HUGE coffee.

Sooooo good.  I swear having a Panera 50 ft. from the Y has completely changed my life for the bettah.

After come caffeine and carbs, headed to gym #2 of the day where I met Emily for a day of fun!!!

Here is a sneak peek at my Johnson City gym…and the best part, the HUGE windows to distract yourself while on cardio apparatuses of death.

Emily was getting all buff doing strength moves, while I played paparazzi (“I’m your biggest fannnn, I’ll follow you until you loooove meeeee!”) Random Lady GaGa Lurv.

Then we went downstairs for some abs/random moves of fun.  We had 8-10 miles planned but we are your typical fair weather runners, and do NOT run in the freezing rain.  No thank you.  Downstairs fun it is!

We decided to do some videos of particularly difficult/random moves!  Enjoy.  (disregard my nasally voice…I am sickly!)

Tyler’s Random Workout Move ‘O The Day

Emily’s “Abnormal” Ab Move O’ The Day

I don’t specifically know how to describe this picture.  I look dead, and Emily looks like she has some sort of extra appendage jutting from her side…enjoy:

She’s an ab machine, I tell ya!

Micheal Jackson ain’t got (or had) nothing on us.  We bad.  😉

We left the gym, and Emily had brought two of her amaaaazing homeade protein bars…I had to sample immediately.


Just what I needed after two gym sessions!  We headed down to FootRX because I wanted to LOOK for shoes, which Emily forced me into purchasing.  Ok, truth be told she didn’t have to push me very hard.  More life a gentle shove.  I ended up buying the new Mizuno Wave Alchemy 9’s.  My third pair of these bad boys.

With the Half Marathon in 21 days (OH EM GEE), I figured I deserved it.  Plus, my old Alchemy’s are wearing OUT.

After we left FootRX, we headed to Earth Feeeeezy!

It’s so funny being with another blogger:

Heres some random Earth Fizzy goodness shots:

Look!!!!  It’s a whole row of “Eat Chocolate…Save a (insert random endangered animal here).  Plus they were on sale!!!  I have a whole Tiger bar (espresso dark choc.) at home but Emily picked one up.

Nut Butter goodness!  I picked up some MarthaNatha AB.  Looks yummy!

We decided to pick up lunch from the hot bar with our groceries…doesn’t it look weird on the checkout line?!?!

Here was my glorious creation:

HUGE strawberry salad with Annies Berry Vineagrette.  Indian Chickpea Dish…Chicken Salad…Oriental Noodles, and a big hunk of Kale!  Also snuck in some vegan carrot cake…you know there HAS to be dessert.  😉

Scrumptious City.  Population…this slice of heaven.  SO GOOD.  I think I could bathe in the icing if the situation was to arise.  Emily’s plate was pretty glorious as well:

We munched:

And munched:

And I had a very Fitnessista-esque moment as I munched on a monstrous hunk -o- Kale goodness:

We headed back to Emily’s casa to make some more of her homemade protein bars!  I picked up some organic dates and dark chocolate to add to this batch.  We started with the dry ingredients:

Then mixed the wet…

Combined both, then added the chopped dates and chocolate:

Then we put in an 8×8 and are currently watching them minute by minute patiently waiting for them to harden.  😉

WHAT a Friday…and it’s only 3:00!!!  Work tonight from 4:30-8:30 training members @ the YMCA then fun times with Maggie…can’t wait!!!

Blogger Boy Inquiry ‘O The Day:

Whats your favorite homemade healthy treat/food/meal?



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5 responses to “Rainy Day = Random Fun.

  1. Legal Guardian

    What a day you have had…lovin the salads..they looked delicious. Our choice food this evening was Teriyaki Salmon…It was out of this world good…Hate to miss your weekend warrior 2morrow…hopefully will get into your spin class Monday evening…see you then!

  2. Steph

    how cute are y’all?? seriously. I wont those protein bars. I am so scared of Jillian Micheals though. Paneezy was fun this morning, but that pic you have of me is deadly. Anywho… I think you know my fav homemade treat… those dark choc oatmeal cooks! yeeeah

  3. How about sending me a recipe for those protein bars 😉

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