Rushin’ Rushin’

My day went from nice and peaceful to CRAZY in about 2.5 seconds.  Gotta love days like these though.  After lunch I headed to the school where I did my Student Teaching (just graduated in December with my K-6 license to teach!) and visited all my kiddos and fellow staff/friends.  I have missed them SO much.  My third graders practically tackled me when I saw them, it was so great.  Makes me really think I do want to teach soon!

Rushed from there directly to Johnson City for my KidFit class.  It was awesome!  We had 9 kids tonight and I really had them huffin’ and puffin’.  🙂  ‘Twas great.  As soon as I left there I jetted back to Kingsport to the Y for Total Body HIIT.  Snacked on these bad boys on the way:

I thought this was a pretty good Cliff.  Maybe a bit too sweet…

Also hydrated with my new Odwalla I picked up at the Earth Fizzy last week.  It promised energy…and I needed it.

We packed the place out tonight in HIIT class, it was aweeeeesome! 😉

Squat Time!  Here was yours truly demonstrating!

Tonights class was a KILLLLLLLLL-er.  My elbows/knees were sweating 10 minutes in, which I always know is a great sign.  LOVE it.

Rushed to the front desk to work after class.  Abby (my amazing boss) and I were even color coordinated…sort of.  You be the judge?!

Then it was dinner time.  Amanda was kind enough to run to Panera and grab me some grub.  I got half the Tomato Mozzerela Panini, with a bowl of the AWESOME veggie and pesto soup-gloriousness.  😉

This was basically an upscale version of a grilled cheese, and I savored every gooey bite.  Soup was also amazing as always!  Finished with 2 spelt cookies (only 1 left at home!!!!!!!!  Eek!!!)

I seriously love these things.

Well, off to finish off work, then go home and COLLAPSE.  Tomorrows agenda is looking hairy as well:

  • 5:45am Cycling
  • Panera Breakfast w/ Steph
  • 8-10 Miles w/ Emily in Johnson City
  • Lunch/Blog Date with Emily
  • Work 4-8:30ish…
  • Dinner/Movie with Magz!

Later Taters.

Blogger Boy Inquiry ‘O The Night:

Do you workout when sick/congested?  How many “off” days do you take per week?



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10 responses to “Rushin’ Rushin’

  1. I always workout when I am sick with ZERO rest days per week 😉

  2. Hey!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh that song is easy to get stuck in the head, lol!!

    Oh my I just love your posts, you always have amazing energy! Did u ever try the Gingerbread Clif Bar like that or the pumpkin one, they are yummy!!

    Omg !! No PB& J larabars!!! U are missing out love!! Boo on that!

    I hate snow too, not looking forward to it : p

    I love Panera, there is one that is part of the complex where I live, we walk over there alot, my son and I went yesterday, he got a heart sugar cookie, and I saw that soup, almost got it! I must now that you said it was awesome!!!

    Have a great night love!! xoxo

  3. You REALLY know you’re working out when your elbows and knees sweat … haha 😀

    I try to take it easy when I’m sick, so I’ll usually bike or practice yoga — helps clear me up.

  4. Matt

    I don’t let sickness stop me (probably got it at the Y anyway…lol). Working out during illness seems to shorten duration, but I decrease intensity. I’ve cut back strength training to 3 days a week with a rest day between workouts…seen much better results. I do cardio 6 days a week (spin, run, yoga (cardio/strength) or the dreaded machines), plus one day of NO exercise…which is hard to do!

  5. Wow, sounds like you have a big day planned. And I thought my 6mi at 5am was impressive!!

    When it comes to being sick working out/not working out, Ive gotten a lot better about listening to my body. If I think I can, Ill try to get my body moving for about 20mintes. If I still feel sick at that point, home it is. But sometimes getting moving actually makes me feel better. Its a toss up!

  6. Sometimes I do, and sometimes I regret doing it. I had a cold a few weeks ago and knew I should take it easy, but felt like once I got going I’d feel better. I was so wrong. I learned my lesson though! I only take one “off” day and I know I should take 2 at least, but I can’t…it’s hard to untrain my brain from being all or nothing.
    Stupid question…what is HIIT?

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