I woke up wanting to try a new and fun breakfast…and succeeded!  Got this link from Matt last night when I asked for breakfast inspiration: Quinoa Nutty Breakfast Bowl.  The recipe served four, so I quartered it since it was just moi for breakfast.

Started out with one pitifully empty tub of Oikos, and an even more pitiful looking pup.  😉  Thought this was a perfect excuse to use the last of the yogurt, so it became my bowl!

Here was my version of the recipe:

  • 1/4 cup Red Quinoa
  • 1/4 Cup Almond Milk
  • 1/4 Cup Water

Bring those to a boil, turn to medium…cover for 15 minutes.  Once that time has elapsed, let stand on stove off the heat for 5 minutes.  All of the liquid should be absorbed.

Here was the beginning phase:

Let that bad boy cook, and you are left with this:

Then it was time to add the delicious mix-in’s!  Placed it in it’s yogurt home, and added half a sliced nana, a spoonfull of PB, and a sprinkling of brown sugar:

The yogurt made a perfect container AND added an amazing creaminess:

YUM.  Definitely going to be adding this to the breakfast repitoire.

Found this surprise waiting for me:

Deans List!!!  Holla.  Nice way to end my college career! 😉

Did some dreaded laundry, and worked on my KidFit Class tonight, and some moves I am going to be trying out in Total Body H.I.I.T. later tonight!  So excited!  Full recap later.

Lunch time rolled around, and I called Emily for some lunch inspiration.  She suggested a breakfast burrito, which sounded bueno to me!  Any excuse to continually eat breakfast food all day is A-ok in my book.

Started out with some ground veggie sausage, and browned it in a small pan:

Added 3 eggs (2 whites, and a yolk) and some cheesy goodness:

Cooked it all up, and put it in one of my FAVORITE Pitas.

Added a nice big Gala Apple, and lunch was served!

Perfect, thanks Em!  It was a great idea.  🙂

Heres some doggy love for the day:

Perfect day so far.  I didn’t make it to see my third graders yesterday, so I am going today!  Gotta rush over there…then head to Johnson City for KidFit…BACK to Kingsport for Total Body…and then working at the front desk from 7ish to 9:30.  There goes my night!  🙂

Have fun everyone, play nice!



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5 responses to “Quin-oats!

  1. Ummm that breakfast pita/burrito thing looks like it turned out amazing! YUMMY!!! I could eat breakfast 24/7!

  2. Matt

    You should try the white quinoa. It’s softer and nutty tasting. I tried the red yesterday, it’s harder and grassy. I made a few jars of coconut/peanut butter quinoa spread/topping…yum. If you’d like to try some…let me know. It’ll curl your toes…lol.

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