Shouldn’t It Be Called “Wed-N’s-Day”?

Sorry for the delay bloggies, I performed a cardinal sin and left my camera cord at the house when I left for work.  Please, don’t stone me to death!  *hides*

First of all Express Cycle went AMAZING for it’s first time.  I chose some HARD songs, and was drenched 10 minutes in, it was great!  Also had 8 people, so I was excited!  Thats pretty good for a first time lunch class!  Woot!

Moving on to lunch, can you tell what I was craving?

I wanted a big ole burger…veggie, of course!  (I am not 100% vegetarian but I DEF do not do red meat.  All all.  Evah.)

All the fixins:

Nothing like a good tomato!

Microwaved my “burger” and melted some cheese on top, then assembled with an Arnolds Thin (toasted), some carrots, some Greek Yogurt Dip, and some Veggie Stix (<3 ❤ <3)

this bad boy was exactly what I needed.  such a filling lunch.  Who needs red meat??  Check it:

Yummmm.  And of course, there was some dessert.

Some pro-biotic chocolate, and a spelt cookie (I have 3 left, and will be severely depressed when they are gone.)

Headed to work at this point where I was greeted with a surprise!  (several, in fact)  First being my “Dashing All The Weigh” shirt that I won through a competition at work to maintain or lose weight through the holidays.  I beat all the staff, muhahahahaha.  😉

annnnd the back!  (so cute)

Pretty ballin’, no???  Here I am rocking the outfit.  WORK IT!

Got another surprise when Kim (aka Krucker) informed me that the plane tickets to Florida next month were $20.00 a piece. OMG!  Amazing?!?!?!  I think so.  More incentive to be that more excited!  I cannot wait.  Seems crazy that in 23 days I will be in Florida running 13.1 miles.  haha, score.

Snacked on some grapes/dates while I waited for dinner (and worked, a little.)

And then it was time for dinner.  Kim was kind enough to run to Panera to get us some grub!

I got the half veggie sandwich (no feta, sub moz)…a bowl of their new veggie with pesto soup, and an apple:

The sandwich was really good.  They have this herb hummus that is amazing.  Super close up time! 😉

See the hummus action?  Scrumptious.

The soup was down right sinfully good.  How good can veggie soup be, right?  This one was by far the best I have everrr had.

So.  Good.

Dessert was a little gem I picked up yesterday at the Natural Foods store:

Add 15 seconds of microwaved goodness, and enjoy!

This little baby was delicious!  Just the right sweetness.  I would choose a “blondie” over a “brownie” any day!  Here was Kim enjoying her Panera/Veggie and Dip goodness:

I ❤ my Wednesdays with Kim!  She stays with me until 7pm! (her late night!)

On that note, I am exhausted.  It has been another crazy day…and tomorrow is no different.  Catch ya on the flip side bloggies.

Any breakfast suggestions?!?!  I am drawing a blank.



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12 responses to “Shouldn’t It Be Called “Wed-N’s-Day”?

  1. That Panera meal looks familiar! 🙂 Isn’t it soooo good?? Love your new YMCA shirt!! And that veggie burger looked yummy too! Basically…I love your blog and all your food AND all the peeps featured in your blog!!! HA!

  2. Heather Whited

    OK – that veggie burger looks YUMMYLICIOUS !! I think I’m going to make that Friday night in place of our normal “pizza at Nana’s house” ….. with my new lifestyle must come changes — I need to make them fun and yummy so I will stick with them forevahhh ! I also LOVE the picks from Panera …. I love veggie sandwiches – Cootie Browns had one that i LOVE LOVE LOVED … nice to know Panera has one !!
    I think I am making my eggwhite mcmuffin in the morning …. packing lunch … dinner will be late – hailey has a ballgame at 6:45pm – UGHHHH … but like i said — incorporating a new lifestyle means making it work in ANY situation — convenient or not. A major downfall of mine is snacking at the concession stand during these games – tomorrow that will change. I will pack a Luna and apple and my water — i’m good to go!! Positive changes — it’s my new mantra ….
    Thank you for your support and your words each day …. you are a healthy change that i’m SO glad is in my life again !!!! I heart ya darlin 🙂

    • I love this comment, AND YOU! Why don’t you try a healthy pizza night?? I think msot often times people just associate the word “healthy” with bland and boring, when it doesnt have to be at ALL. Imagine a nice veggie pizza with Broccoli, Squash, Spinach…yummm…the possibilities are endless.

      Thank you so much for your kind words, you are a ROCKSTAR and when are we going to go to Earth Fare together?!?!

  3. Matt

    How about this for breakfast? Looks yum! I would mix it half and half with oatmeal or spelt though. 😛

  4. Christie

    I have to read your blog for those days I don’t get my Tyler-fill! I have actually been mor cautious of what I’m eating, I think if I had to take a pic of everything I ate and showed it to people *shutter*! I also enjoy the peeps in it (cause I’m one =o). Veggie sandwich looked amazing! Now off to read Emily’s blog, cause I never get to see her its my way of feeling close to her haha

  5. Pancakes are my go to breakfast 😉

  6. Steph

    yum! that little blondie looks like heaven… what are the stats on that thang?

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