High Schoolers like Yoga?!?! Who knew.

Lets rewind to around 11ish.  Headed to the YMCA to teach the Express Sculpt class, only had five people, but it was really good!  I was stoked with the CD and the amount of work everyone put in.  Even in an “express” 30 minute class I was somewhat drenched, so success!!  We just did the basics but hit all muscle groups:

  • Squats with weighted bar on shoulders
  • Walking lunges with bar in overhead press position
  • Chest Press on bench with bar
  • Biceps with bar
  • Tricep Chest Press on bench with bar
  • Shoulders with dumbbells (lateral/front raises)
  • Deadlifts with bar
  • Back to legs, leg raises with dumbbell above knee on mat

Fun times!  Was starving by the end of that class, so headed to the office to munch on some yummy chicken salad, carrots, and some of these amazing crackers I picked up at the Earth Fizz:

Yum.  Perfect lunch.  Rounded out with a nice pear (which I am obsessed with lately)…

Yes, I know.  The pear was on it’s last legs.  I like em ripe, what can I say.

After lunch I did some research and started planning for the yoga classes.  There were alot of good basic Yoga classes on YouTube that I checked out.  In the end though, I just went with my previous Yoga student days (we have a killer Saturday Yoga instructor, I used to be so dedicated!) and did a little bit of everything.  The kids were really into it, and some of the Afterschool staff even did it with us, they really had fun.  I was really impressed and it excites me for the future of these classes!  Also, the Pandora Radio on my phone worked great.  Got some nice soothing music, and we were good to go! (search “soothing waters” and see what you get.  Perfect for Yoga or bedside at night!) 😉  Here were some snacks I munched on throughout the day:

Rushed BACK to the YMCA after Yoga for Spin class.  It was great, as always!  Sweat sesh #3 for the day, boo yah!  By the time class was over, I was absolutely starving and was desperate need for dinner, which I had been contemplating all day.  I decided I was in the mood for bbq…but not just any bbq, veggie-q!

I really wanted the feel of a bbq sandwich and fries…so I got some already prepared (sooo handy) sweet potato fries:

375*, Organic Pam, Salt/Pepper.  How easy.  Brown those little babies up:

Heated up the veggie-q, and stuck it on an Arnold’s Thin:

(Added some shredded carrots on top for crunch, and broccoli on the side for green goodness)

And of course, the beggar was in full force:

Her head was on my lap all dinner.

I have to say the veggie-q was really amazing.  Everything BBQ should be, and I did not miss the meat at all.  There are alot of vegetarian “meats” that are really disappointing and I am happy to say this wasn’t on of them!  Would definitely buy again and can’t wait to use the leftover in a wrap!

Dessert was an appropriately labeled mug of frozen yogurt, and some little dark chocolate candies I got at Earth Fizz:

And now I am exhauuuuuusted.  I think I am in the middle of a cold/sinus infection so that plus being on the go all day has me ready for bed.  It’s 8:30, trust me…I know how sad that is.  I like to embrace my inner elderly at times though.  Golden Girls re-runs and an early bedtime sound like perfection to me.

Night bloggies, hope your Monday was great!!!

(Christie and I were channeling are inner-Lady GaGa WHO WAS ROBBED AT THE GRAMMY’S….TAYLOR SWIFT WON BEST ALBUM, IS THAT SOME SORT OF SICK JOKE?!?!?!?!)

Blogger Boy Inquiry ‘O The Night:

Whats your craziest/busy day of the week?  Why?



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11 responses to “High Schoolers like Yoga?!?! Who knew.

  1. My Fridays are always pretty crazy! I have class, lab, and work. It sucks!

  2. And that BBQ looks really good. Where did you buy it?

    • Earth Fare! Love that store so much. I’m just lucky we have a healthy grocery store around here. I am always in constant jealous mode of all the bloggies with a close Whole Foods, or Trader Joes. *drools*

  3. Heather Whited

    YUM YUM YUM ….. ok – so the next trip to Earth Fare – i wanna go with you – like as in walk the aisles with you ….. we were there at the same time yesterday – but that isn’t getting the full Tyler affect of the EF … so mark it down.
    That BBQ looks really good!! As i told you earlier, I LOVED the chicken salad on my wrap with sprouts and spinach. So filling and so yummy. Had the Veggie crisps with it which killed my craving for something salty. For dessert i had blueberry greek yogurt with granola. Nice and filling as well. Lots of water and of course my MaxGXL supplements which I swear have kept me healthy through this sickly season. Nothing like giving my body what it needs to up my glutethione (your body’s master antioxidant). Let me know if you wanna give ’em a whirl – i’ll give you a few weeks supply and you can try them out 🙂
    Sleep well and recover from your monster of a day !!! Tomorrow is another wonderful day spreading the word of fitness and health !!!!
    Heart ya darlin !!

    • Um, YES PLEASE! I will be going Wednesday around 9am if you want to go?!?!?! We could make it a date. I teach spin in Johnson City @ 6:00am, then I am going to swim some major laps and get some more cardio in. I will be leaving there around 8:30, and then heading to the Fizzy! Let me know!

  4. Jen

    Yay! I’m glad the yoga class went well! It sounds like you the perfect day. 🙂 And I agree – Lady GaGa was robbed!

  5. Mondays always seem to be the crazy day for me!!!!

    Ahhhh Lady Gaga was robbed, I love her so much, she is still the best!!!!!

    I saw those bbq pork shreds before, I will have to try them, look amazing!!!!

    I love all your eats as always : ) Kind bars rock too!!

    Have a great Tuesday! xoxo

  6. krucker

    I’m pretty sure that one of those little orange carrot goodnesses escaped your plate yesterday and is now under my desk =)

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