Yay for Sun-Day.

Well, the snow is still here, but the sun is out!!

And it was time for my favorite breakfast EVER

Love the Barrel.

Got what is now my stand-by.  Cereal breakfast which is 2 boxes of mini cereal (yes, I am a kid at heart), a huge bran muffin, and grits!

That muffin is outta this world.  Seriously yummy!  Huge chunks of golden raisins and apples inside as well.

And of course, some grit goodness.  People either love or hate grits, and mine falls into the LOVE category.

Aftermath was not pretty.


Headed to work to get a major workout in considering I hadn’t at all in 48 hours!  *gasp*  My spin class starts at 2:00, with sign ups starting at 1:30….check out the line at 1:20:

These people are dedicated!!!!  I knew I had to have my A-Game on today when I taught!  Hope I made them proud, it was definitely a sweat session, and just what I needed.  Came back and scarfed down lunch while still at work.

Leftover veggie Mac-And-Cheese, a big gala apple…and a mini Oikos.  Love ya, Oikos, but it made me miss my Greek God’s Yogurt…I am spoiled now!

Now to shower/change lightning fast…and meet Emily and Kim in Johnson City for another Earth Fare adventure…and dinner/Starbucks.  Sounds like the perfect way to end an awesome weekend!

Later bloggies!!



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2 responses to “Yay for Sun-Day.

  1. Kelly

    omg! look at my cuz the blogger! i had no idea your spin classes where so popular, although im sure your stunning personality has way more to do with it than the actual act of spinning! 😉 Oh and you need to join me and Kristy for half priced sushi someday! i LOVE the stirfry rolls, but there ridiculous any other time!

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