Snowed In, Schmoed In.

Thats right, I was a rebel and braced the cold/ice long enough to bust out of the house again!  It was half off sushi, I thought it was most certainly worth the risk.  😉

Look at those prices, wouldn’t you?!?!?!  I went with the veggie roll, and dynamite roll.

Veggie was the standard: asparagus, tomato, cucumber, and lettuce.  Wrapped in rice, and nori.

I heart the outside pieces of these guys:

The Dynamite Roll had shrimp and crab.  Hands down my favorite roll at Stir Fry.

The company wasn’t to shabby either.

Magz!  Yours truly, striking a somewhat similar and goofy pose for the blog world:

I mean come on now.  We enjoyed every bite!

Yum.  Perfect dinner!  It was time for the movie so we headed to the mall, where I snuck in a few treats.

100 calories of popcorn bliss.  And of course what popcorn is complete without chocolate???

The last of my Earth Fare-Dark Chocolate Cherries *tear*, and some Hershey Kisses.

We went to see Book Of Eli, and I must admit I was a little disappointed.  It was just a bit too slow for my liking.  Oh well, still a fantastic night!  Took Maggie back to her car and someone had built a SNOWMAN on another car.  It was insanely hilarious.

And then I had this to come home to, which made me an extremely happy (and warm) camper:

And so another Saturday is over.  This is the first time in honestly, as long as I can remember, that I have taken two days off from exercise of any kind.  Thursday kicked my booty (8 miles plus Total Body HIIT) and I have been coughy so I took it easy Friday.  Then today the YMCA was closed, and it was wayyyy too cold/wet to run outdoors…so another off day.

I can’t wait to get back to it tomorrow.  Teaching spin at 2:00pm, then who knows.  Kim, Emily, and I want to attempt the big 1-0 miles.  I am all for it as long as it isnt slushy.  I have found that all that does is soak my shoes, and numb my feet.  Which makes running miserable.  10 miles of misery is not worth it!  I would almost rather do it on the treadmill if thats the case.  Oh well, we will see tomorrow.

Also, SPECIAL CONGRATS TO EMILY WHO PASSED HER O.T. BOARDS!!!!!!!  You rocked it, girl!!!!  I knew it.  Now lets party! 😉

Have a great night bloggies, and a great Sunday.  Going to my FAVORITE location for breakfast tomorrow morning.  Any guesses??? 😉



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6 responses to “Snowed In, Schmoed In.

  1. Heather Whited

    ****raises hand**** i know i know !!!!! Crackel Barrell !!!!!!!!!! I’m childless in the morning … text me the time and i’ll see if i can rouse myself up !!!!
    Sounds like you needed the 2 days off — like you said, back at it tomorrow 🙂
    I pick hailey up at 12 then we’re headed to the Y. Going to get some much needed treadmill time in. Then we’re going to — wait for it —- wait for it —- EARTH FARE !!!!! I’ve got a few more things to check out on your blog to complete my list. I’m sooooo excited !!!!
    Glad you had a good day !! Here’s to another FANTABULOUS day tomorrow 🙂
    Heart you big time !! 🙂

    • You should come to spin!!! I teach at 2:00pm! YAY for Earth Fare, I am so stoked for ya….you have to take pics! For the love of everything, please get the Greek Gods Greek Yogurt, you will NOT be disappointed. See ya at the YMCA!

  2. I just found your blog! You are fantastic:) The fireplace picture seems perfect to me right now, it’s finally above 10 degrees today in MN! I’ve never tried spinning, group classes seem intimidating, but maybe i’ll give it a try!

    • Thanks for finding me Suzanne. I am so glad you are here!!! Listen, I remember *exactly* how intimidating the classes can be….but DON’T BE! They are so not as scary as they seem. It’s like anything else, it’s way worse in your head. Go to that first class, for me!!! Then tell me what you think. I guarantee you, you will love it! I went from being scared out of my mind, to teaching them. So I know you will be awesome.

      10* is FREEZING. I guess I better count my blessings!

  3. Tiffany

    Sooooo….. I told you I would comment. Wondering what would be in an “Envy Roll”… If your camera makes people look as good as the food, we need to set up a photo shoot. Yummy.

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