Mousse being chocolate deliciousness, and capades being…well, capades (you know…like Ice-capades??)  Don’t worry, it will make more sense later.

So after reclaiming the gym and my workout over the lost 48 hours of snow and ice, it was time to head to Johnson City for a trip back to the Earth Fizzy!

Isn’t Emily cute?!?!  She is also starting a “clean eating” blog soon, so be sure to check back for links!!  Can’t forget Kim!

It’s like the organic version of Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory!  *drools*  Love it.

Also a special shout-out to all my Greek God Yogurt products!!!  (picked up the new pomegranate today)

Strolled around the Fizzy for a while, and ran into Heather!  My good friend that has been commenting on the blog.  She had a list of all the fun things she saw on my blog, and her cart was full.  This MADE my day.  To think that my blog could have impacted even one persons shopping just makes me want to jump for joy!  Makes all this posting and camera stalking worth it!  She is amazing.  Look at all her loot:

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  A Tyler inspired grocery cart at the Earth Fare = MADE my weekend.  Heather, you rock.  I want full reviews on EVERYTHING.

Next it was dinner time.  Went to Jasons Deli which is so good!  Looks like your typical sandwich place on the outside, but it is chocked FULL of all kinds of natural and organic items.  Plus, they have free FroYo with every meal.  Need you look any further?!?!  I think not.

I didn’t have to look very long to find my dinner.

Yum on a plate.  Actually, scratch that.  Yum on a ciabatta.  Also, I love the little disclaimer:

My meal came and it looked glorious:

YUM.  Even came with organic blue corn chips, and salsa!

Dinner mates.  Emily and her hubby Russel (he plays a mean chess game.)

Look at Emily’s CLEAN salad.  😉

I also may have stole some of her hummus for my blue corn goodness:

Now the best part, free Frozen Yogurttttttt!!!!  Russel went first, and displayed for all the bloggies:

Look at that form, perfect swirl.  A man after my own frozen yogurt lovin’ heart.

And here was my yogurt.  Complete with organic dark chocolate syrup (bathe worthy) and some fruits and nuts:

It didn’t last very long

There may have been an un-documented second bowl of yogurt, but the bowls were tiny I tell you, TINY!  🙂

And here is where the title comes into play.  Emily is pretty much obsessed with their chocolate mousse, and we have convinced ourselves that we are just going to start calling it a vegetable, so we don’t feel guilty upon consumption.  So here is the best veggie known to man:

If lovin’ mousse is wrong, then I don’t want to be right brothers and sisters.

Now it’s time for caffeine (soy latte), chess, and more good times.  Happy Sunday yall, bring it…Monday.



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6 responses to “Moussecapades.

  1. Heather Whited

    awwww Tyler – you are such a good soul !!! I love love love all my purchases. I think i was there over an hour just browsing and learning !! All that after a nice “stroll” on mr. treadmill !!! Hailey and I will be there nice and early in the morning for another brisk “stroll”… 🙂 I’ve become accustomed to watching the Today show while sweating haha. And like you said — it’s time to kick Monday’s butt.
    I’m now going to go review your blogg and find the oatmeal recipe so i can try out my new Greek Honey yogurt .. mmmmmmm. Up early to pack snacks and a yummy lunch consisting of organic chicken salad, hummus and sprouts on a wrap 🙂 Sound familiar ??? 🙂
    I think Tuesday morning i’m going to try the spinach, yogurt and protein shake. I’m a planner and like to have things all in order before the day sneaks up on me!! I’m anxious to see how the different protein powder packets affect me. Do I go whey or rice protein …. time will tell !!!
    oh and btw – you know you ROCK as an instructor when your class fills up 45min early and is lined up !!!! I witnessed that phenomenon today as i was sweating it out on the treadmill !!! KUDOS to you brother !!!! An inspiration to many !!! Including ME !!!! I told you – i will be your success story – mark my words !!
    hahaha i just told hailey we were going to be up and out early to head to the Y – she said ughhhhh by 6am ????? i said noooo – at least out of the house by 8am. She’s such the mellow dramatic 14yr old. 🙂 Did YOU have something to do with that ??? haha 🙂
    Good to see you today – keep doing what you do …. it reaches many — we’re out here and we’re reading and learning !!!!
    i heart you my friend !!

  2. I LOVE Jason’s Deli. The French Onion soup is out of this world!

  3. Haha, mousse is SO totally a veggie, especially the chocolate kind 😉

    I haven’t seen that Greek Gods yogurt in the store — do they only sell it at Earth Fare? None of those up here 😦

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