Chocolate Oats. Enough Said.

Well.  It snowed.

And snowed.

(My car is somewhere under there) ……and snowed:

And we’re supposed to be getting more today?!?!?!  Dear sweet Moses.

Woke up starving and knew I wanted oatmeal…so I grabbed my favorite spelt flakes, and the new PB I picked up:

I’ve heard alot of good things about “Peanut Butter and Co.” so when I saw that it had DARK CHOCOLATE….I knew it was an instant win.

I am really on a spelt oat kick lately.  They are just so different than oatmeal and seem to be more filling:

Oats!  Cooked those bad boys up, added a diced banana, and then got to the good stuff:

In the words of Ina Garten  “how bad could that be?”

That’s some serious Peanut Butter, folks.


In other news, my 2nd Half Marathon is only 27 days away!!!  Crazy.

Kim, and Emily are flying down with me next month so we can get our run on!  I did my last half in 1:46 and would really like to improve my time.  I have been slowly increasing my mileage according to schedule, and am up to my 9/10 mile runs.  I’m still confused about the whole “speed work” thing. 

I have only been running for about 9 months or so, so alot of this stuff is somewhat new to me.  I feel like when I do run, I just try to maintain my 8:00ish pace, and go from there.  Does anyone have any suggestions about speed/tempo work?  Or anything in general that can shave some minutes off my last time?

Well, have fun…be safe, and enjoy this (snowy?) Saturday!  They are still in limbo on whether or not to open the YMCA today, so I suppose I am in limbo right along with them!  Gotta love the waiting game!

Later bloggies!  Would love some running advice!



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8 responses to “Chocolate Oats. Enough Said.

  1. Christie

    The Y is opening at noon as of now. But, for all your blog followers here are some things they can do in the snow. Sledding for an hour you burn 477 calories, shoveling snow for an hour you burn 405 calories (you can get a pretty good core workout too!!) and finally cross country skiing for an hour 549 calories! So enjoy the snow if you can’t get out! As always Tyler love love love love your blog! And I love you!!!!!!

  2. Legal Guardian

    Very nice breakfast. We are shoveling driveways in an attempt to stay strong for your HIT class Thursday..maybe a snowy run as well..Sid thinks he might try the Dark Choc. Pnut Butter..As always, enjoyed reading the blog!

    • It’s so good, I think even FB would approve. Tell him it’s All Natural as well, so relax. I shoveled the driveway this morning too! Gotta burn those calories somehow. Spin will be EXTRA tough tomorrow. 😉 I also wanna run 9!

  3. Good luck on your 2nd half!! It’s coming up soon!

  4. Yay Dark Chocolate Dreams is the best!!!!!!!!! I put some in my oats this morning!!!! We got tons of snow here too!!!! Enjoy your day!!!!!

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