Birthdays And Bowling

Well, the snow is still here.  Didn’t stop me from enjoying an amazing Saturday (heck, it’s not even over!)  After breakfast we started making plans to go celebrate my little bro’s birthday.  He is 22.  How sweet. 😉

My stomach was growling between breakfast and lunch so I grabbed a Z-Kids, and a pear:

The Z-Kids are by far my favorite bar.  The chocolate chip is SO good, and like a big cookie:

Checked my email, created a new Google Calendar, and goofed around at the house a little.  Soon it was time for lunch!  Went to a local restaurant which I love:

This place has a little bit of everything!  I was torn between two…both involving my favorite shrimpies!


Decided for the Tilapia, sans the rice…and broccoli (no butter), and carrots

What part of “no rice” didn’t they understand?!?!  Oh well.  It was SO good.

Blackened Shrimpy Goodness.  YUM.  The Tilapia was really good as well.  Flaky and white…

Take a look at what the birthday boy ordered.  Prepare yourself bloggies, this one is hilarious.  A ham and cheese sandwich…battered and deep fried!!!!

Look at that beast! They batter it, fry it, coat it in powdered sugar (WHAT!) and then give some sort of jam on the side.  I was in shock.  Oh well….it’s his birthday, I suppose.  Eat up brother.  😉

Of course there was cake involved:

Some big turtle, carmel, chocolate, ice cream concoction.  My slice was made fun of by all for it’s sheer size (or lack there of)

My thoughts on dessert like this, if you want it…eat it. Just get a small enough portion to be satisfied, and not put yourself through the misery of watching everyone else eating.  Although my piece was tiny, it was exactly what I needed to feel like I actually ate cake.

After dinner, Grant (birthday boy) wanted to do something I hadn’t done in years.

Bowling!  How random, yet fun.

All hail to the bowling MASTERRRRRR!!!! 😉

So, I was totally stinking it up the first game…and bowling with my right hand…so I switched over to the left shortly into the second…and had *3* strikes in a row!  Boo yah!

Heres some more action shots:

And just to prove it:

And two strikes in the last frame!!  I am seriously considering becoming a professional bowler.  😉  For realz.

Well I am bowl’d out and ready for some relaxation.  Half off sushi tonight with Maggie (snow can’t keep us down) and maybe a movie!  Excellent!

Later bloggies, stay warm!

Blogger Boy Inquiry O’ The Evening:

Whats your best bowling score?



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9 responses to “Birthdays And Bowling

  1. Sarah

    Okay the sandwich is a Monte Cristo, I’ve never been brave enough to try it but I had a friend up north that loved the one at Bennigan’s. And I got an A in Bowling in college it counted as a gym credit!!

  2. Dude, Tyler, you ARE the bowling master!
    That sandwich is terrifying.

  3. Legal Guardian

    Did you keep the bowllin’ shoes ? Nice blog….enjoying the eats info !

  4. jessica light

    Tyler I really enjoy reading all your look great!!

  5. I SUCK at bowling. I haven’t played in awhile, but that is probably a good thing.

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