Well, happy Friday!!!  Look whats heading this way:

We’re supposed to get like 8” of snow!  Ugh.  I really do like the snow, and enjoy the aesthetic aspect of it, but it ruins plans!  I’m training members at the YMCA tonight but we will more than likely close if it starts getting bad.  I just really don’t want to miss Weekend Warrior AND Cycling tomorrow.  Cross your fingers that it isnt as bas as they think!

This morning I got up really craving some cereal:

I combined a cup of the Whole Grain Honey Puffs, and half a cup of the Heart to Heart Blueberries with some other star ingredients:

Homemade pumpkin yogurt!!!!  Yum.  I’m TELLING you…this yogurt is fantastic.

Mixed the two together, and poured over the cereal:

I added half a banana, and YUM….great breakfast!

Pumpkin Yogo Fruity Cereal Goodness.

I had to head down to the civic auditorium today to work at an information booth for the YMCA, so I went ahead and packed my lunch in advance.  Just threw some stuff together that I found in the fridge:

Started with a thin layer of hummus, then a ton of alfalfa sprouts (so much yum.) and then a sprinkling of natural cheese and some deli turkey.  Roll up, slice…and the perfect lunch to go:

Grabbed my food, and headed towards the civic auditorium.  We had an info booth to man, and I was the man to man it.  (Lots of “mans”)

Snacked on some almonds while I gave out all the wonderful information! 😉

It was finally time for my lunch!  I had my wrap, some carrots, and my newly beloved Veggie Stix

Deliciousness!  Kept me full for the rest of the time at the expo!  That’s not to say that I didn’t also snack down on another SoyBar

And *maybe* a spelt cookie.  (I swear, these were spread apart time wise considerably. 🙂 )

What can I  say, it’s a tough life manning a booth. 😉

Don’t you love the shirt.  You don’t know how many times I heard “ASK YOU WHAT?!?!?!”  Oh well, I sort of set myself up for it, I suppose.

Well, off to the YMCA to train some members (we are already closing early at 6:00, so I doubt they will even show)  Hopefully I won’t be snowed in!  Have a great day bloggies, if your in the snow/ice storm…be safe!!!



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2 responses to “Snows-Ah-Comin’

  1. Your blog is fun and energetic, just like you! 😀

    I love quick and easy, so your wraps look and sound delish.

    Did Abby tell you that I made a huge typo on my fitness blog? I said “cook children” instead of “cook chicken”. I’m surprised human services didn’t come after me. Anyway, I have some really yum healthy recipes there, too.

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