Why “No Dessert” Should Be Illegal.

Shew.  what a day.  I worked, ran, taught, and ate.  Pretty much a normal, and successful day!  Total Body was GREAT.  I was feeling in the mood for an “add on” type class, so I made up a little upper/lower body sweat sesh:

1. Squats

2. Squats/Lunges

3. Squats/Lunges/Chest Press

4. Squats/Lunges/Chest Press/Rockstar Jumps

5. Squats/Lunges/Chest Flies/Rockstar Jumps/Tricep Dips

6. Squats/Lunges/Chest Flies/Rockstar Jumps/Tricep Dips/Lateral Raises

7. Squats/Lunges/Chest Press/Rockstar Jumps/Skullcrushers/Lateral Raises/Jacks with Handweights

8. Squats/Lunges/Chest Press/Rockstar Jumps/Skullcrushers/Overhead Press/Jacks with Handweights/1 Minute Plank

It was a killer!  By #7/8 I was a hot mess!  We rotated our squats/lunges with different variations like 3/4 squats, left squats, right squats, low pulses, etc.  With the lunges we would go back and forth between stationary, and walking with both dumbbells and an overhead press.  I always have so much fun in this class.  Here we were setting up!  (was going to take more pics but my camera died and I couldn’t charge it until after class, boo!

Ps, if you haven’t tried Rockstar Jumps then you are missing out, they are KILLER!  My class rocks them.  They may not love them during, but they love them afterwards. 😉

I guess with the major cardio (running) and weights (class) my body was SCREAMING for dinner.  So I headed to one of my favorites….Jacks Grill!

This place has a Tex-Mex feel, but really has just about everything.  The decor is hilarious as well….it’s pretty much a mixture of anything and everything.

They are also one of those places that openly encourages the (creative) destruction of the table:

Which I gladly obliged to:

After looking at the menu, I went with an old stand by:

The veggie wrap, on spinach…broccoli instead of the fries:

So.  Much.  Yum.  I love this wrap, it is seriously amazing.  Perfect blend of guac, veggies, and cheese!  I enjoyed every bite.  Headed home with one thing on my mind.  The normal question.  Whats for dessert?!?!  This was:

Some Edy’s Yogurt Blend, and dark chocolate covered cherries.

Chopped those bad boys up, and voila….a match made in heaven.

And on that note (and an empty ice cream mug) another Thursday comes to a close.  🙂

Blogger Boy Inquiry ‘O The Night:

Simple….whats for dessert?


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