Muffin Lovin’

Good morning!!!! 🙂  Quick update before a long Thursday starts for me.  I will be at the YMCA all day working until 6:00, then doing my Total Body H.I.I.T. weight class, and a long run outside at some point (9 miles??).  Still training for the half, it is in one month…I am so excited!!  (More about that race later, as well.)  Breakfast was SO good this morning.  Started off with a big bran muffin that I picked up yesterday at Earth Fare:

Gotta love it when the muffin is twice as big on top as it is on the bottom.  😉  Needed some fruit so went with a nice green pear:

See the muffin down there looking all lonely???  😉

Also used my new Greek Gods Yogurt and let me just tell you.  It is by far the BEST yogurt I have ever had.  I got the honey variety, and it seriously tastes like some sort of dessert on it’s own.  FAN-tastic.

So the muffin, the yogurt, the pear….needed something else.  PB to the rescue!

Now we’re talkin’.

This was the perfect blend to keep me full, and carb me up for my run today!  Perfect!

The muffin was glorious.  So dense and chewy

And of course, my favorite part was the last big chunk, smeared with the PB

Does it get any better?!?!?!  I think not.

Well, off to work I go.  It is supposed to be 50* today and sunny, perfect for a nice long (and overdue) run.  Sushi for lunch, can’t wait!  Also, I am going to my favorite place tonight (Jack’s), so stay tuned for a nice review of that!

Later bloggies!

Blog Boy Inquiry ‘O The Morning:

Are you a “fair weather” runner, or do you brave the freezing temps to get your runs in?  Do you like running in the heat or cold better?



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6 responses to “Muffin Lovin’

  1. Jen

    I used to be a fair weather runner but now I run outside as long as it’s above 20 or so. Running in the snow is fun if you’re careful!

    BTW, nice shot of the pear! I’ve never seen a blogger take a picture of fruit glistening in the sun with water droplets. Awesome!

    • Thanks!! It was so pretty after I washed it….I knew I wanted a pic!! I made the mistake of running in the snow a couple of weeks ago and spent more time concentrating on not falling then the run itself! Annoying!!

  2. Jen

    I am totally a fair weather runner, and since the weather around here is anything but fair 8 months out of the year, I generally stick to the treadmill. We are getting to the point where I might be able to get outside for my runs again pretty soon. YAY!

    • I just cannot stand the treadmill. It is a worst case scenario, especially if I have to do a long run, which is anything over 5. I just get so BORED. I think its the ADD in me. 🙂 And yayyyy for you being able to run outdoors! It was so nice today, shockingly.

  3. Neysa

    “fair weather” runner for sure but I don’t mind the cold….this has all been new to me with running in the cold weather so I am still learning how to dress….I want to be brave one day and do a snow run….maybe this weekend?

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