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Why “No Dessert” Should Be Illegal.

Shew.  what a day.  I worked, ran, taught, and ate.  Pretty much a normal, and successful day!  Total Body was GREAT.  I was feeling in the mood for an “add on” type class, so I made up a little upper/lower body sweat sesh:

1. Squats

2. Squats/Lunges

3. Squats/Lunges/Chest Press

4. Squats/Lunges/Chest Press/Rockstar Jumps

5. Squats/Lunges/Chest Flies/Rockstar Jumps/Tricep Dips

6. Squats/Lunges/Chest Flies/Rockstar Jumps/Tricep Dips/Lateral Raises

7. Squats/Lunges/Chest Press/Rockstar Jumps/Skullcrushers/Lateral Raises/Jacks with Handweights

8. Squats/Lunges/Chest Press/Rockstar Jumps/Skullcrushers/Overhead Press/Jacks with Handweights/1 Minute Plank

It was a killer!  By #7/8 I was a hot mess!  We rotated our squats/lunges with different variations like 3/4 squats, left squats, right squats, low pulses, etc.  With the lunges we would go back and forth between stationary, and walking with both dumbbells and an overhead press.  I always have so much fun in this class.  Here we were setting up!  (was going to take more pics but my camera died and I couldn’t charge it until after class, boo!

Ps, if you haven’t tried Rockstar Jumps then you are missing out, they are KILLER!  My class rocks them.  They may not love them during, but they love them afterwards. 😉

I guess with the major cardio (running) and weights (class) my body was SCREAMING for dinner.  So I headed to one of my favorites….Jacks Grill!

This place has a Tex-Mex feel, but really has just about everything.  The decor is hilarious as well….it’s pretty much a mixture of anything and everything.

They are also one of those places that openly encourages the (creative) destruction of the table:

Which I gladly obliged to:

After looking at the menu, I went with an old stand by:

The veggie wrap, on spinach…broccoli instead of the fries:

So.  Much.  Yum.  I love this wrap, it is seriously amazing.  Perfect blend of guac, veggies, and cheese!  I enjoyed every bite.  Headed home with one thing on my mind.  The normal question.  Whats for dessert?!?!  This was:

Some Edy’s Yogurt Blend, and dark chocolate covered cherries.

Chopped those bad boys up, and voila….a match made in heaven.

And on that note (and an empty ice cream mug) another Thursday comes to a close.  🙂

Blogger Boy Inquiry ‘O The Night:

Simple….whats for dessert?


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Fair Weather Running

Sheesh what a Thursday, and it isn’t even over yet.  Headed to the YMCA after breakfast to finish training on the FitLinxx systems and to hang out with my Christie!

Snacked on what is now probably my 2nd favorite Luna EVAH…(Nutz Over Chocolate is still my #1)

This bad boy was coated on the bottom with a white chocolate/mint specked layer, and full of choco-goodness on top!

Luna saves the day, again!  That held off the hunger for a bit, and you know where else I had to stop, aka make Kim pick up:

I swear, these Mistos are soooooo addicting!  Thanks Kimmy!

FINALLY.  After what has seemed like days and days of frigid temps, I saw this when I walked outside!!!

Grabbed the Garmin, geared up, and Kim and I set out on an 8 miler!  Not before a small pre run sugar fest:

I adore carmel.  Like, LOVE.  So these were definitely a must have.  Perfect blend of sugar to keep me energized!

I love my Garmin because I can literally just *run* and not have to worry about if I have tracked the route before or not.  It was the perfect running temperature!  So odd because in 48 hours we are supposed to have 8” of snow/ice.  Welcome to East Tennessee I suppose.  I really need to start being more careful when I run on the roads.  I think I take for granted that people either don’t see me or just down right don’t care.  I think I was beeped at/almost killed at least 3 times.  Whoops!  🙂  Finally made it back to the YMCA, 8 miles accomplished!!!

By the time I got done it was around 3:00pm and I was STARVING.  It is hard for me to have alot of food on my stomach pre-run, so I put lunch off…probably too long!  Sushi was definitely calling my name:

This bad boy had avocado, carrots, cucumbers, brown rice, and nori…can’t go wrong with that combo!  Veggie goodness:

And it was FREE (see two posts ago to see why. 😉 )  This + Cheese + Apple = yum.

And in typical Tyler fashion, I had to end this meal with a sweet treat.  What do you get when you combine chocolate and pro-biotics???

Attune!  This bad boy has 5x the probiotics of yogurt, which promote digestive health….WEE!

YUM.  Totally the healthy version of a Crunch bar.  Delicious.

Now off to plan my weight class!  Total Body H.I.I.T. is one of my favorite classes that I teach because I have complete control.  Muhahahahaha.  We work all the muscle groups (large to small) with cardio bursts in between to keep the heart rate jacked!  😉  We usually pack the house out, and there is so much energy going on!  LOVE it.  Plus Lady GaGa always makes an appearance…..or nine.  😉  Yay for squats/lunges/deadlifts/rockstar jumps/etc, anything goes in this class!  Can’t wait!

Later bloggies, I will have a dinner update later!

Blog Boy Inquiry ‘O The Afternoon:

What type of music do you run/exercise to?


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Muffin Lovin’

Good morning!!!! 🙂  Quick update before a long Thursday starts for me.  I will be at the YMCA all day working until 6:00, then doing my Total Body H.I.I.T. weight class, and a long run outside at some point (9 miles??).  Still training for the half, it is in one month…I am so excited!!  (More about that race later, as well.)  Breakfast was SO good this morning.  Started off with a big bran muffin that I picked up yesterday at Earth Fare:

Gotta love it when the muffin is twice as big on top as it is on the bottom.  😉  Needed some fruit so went with a nice green pear:

See the muffin down there looking all lonely???  😉

Also used my new Greek Gods Yogurt and let me just tell you.  It is by far the BEST yogurt I have ever had.  I got the honey variety, and it seriously tastes like some sort of dessert on it’s own.  FAN-tastic.

So the muffin, the yogurt, the pear….needed something else.  PB to the rescue!

Now we’re talkin’.

This was the perfect blend to keep me full, and carb me up for my run today!  Perfect!

The muffin was glorious.  So dense and chewy

And of course, my favorite part was the last big chunk, smeared with the PB

Does it get any better?!?!?!  I think not.

Well, off to work I go.  It is supposed to be 50* today and sunny, perfect for a nice long (and overdue) run.  Sushi for lunch, can’t wait!  Also, I am going to my favorite place tonight (Jack’s), so stay tuned for a nice review of that!

Later bloggies!

Blog Boy Inquiry ‘O The Morning:

Are you a “fair weather” runner, or do you brave the freezing temps to get your runs in?  Do you like running in the heat or cold better?


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