Spicy Tuna and Spelt Cookies


Heres some random puppiness to get us started:

Tough life, eh?

All day today I contended with this monster:

dreaded, dreaded laundry.  I seriously need to stop putting this off to the last minute because it takes foreeeeever when I break down and do it.  Does anyone else feel like all they wash is workout clothes?!? So while I did part of my laundry, I tackled another equally annoying beast:

Decided to give the ole treadmill a go while I waited.  Since I had already done the spin class plus some major laps in the pool this morning, I just took it easy and did 300 calories on a 10 incline.  Best thing about working out at home???

Complete control of the tv, and yes…that is Roseanne.  🙂

By this time I was starving and ready for a great lunch.  Looted through my Earth Fare goodies and came up with this:

Organic Chicken Salad from the Earth Fizzy….

Sprouts ‘O Joy

Tortilla for wrapping purposes! 🙂  Assemble:

So yum.  Look at the big chunks of celery and grapes!  I love this chicken salad because it isn’t drowning in mayo, and chicken is the star ingredient.  Added my new favorite obsession…thanks Monica!!

Add some carrots, and perfect lunch:

This was so filling!  Kept me distracted while I attempted to finish the laundry…blech.  Rounded out the lunch with some dark chocolate covered cherries:

Do I even need to describe how good these were.  Nah, didn’t think so.  😉  Also, I don’t know if chocolate can actually “round out” a meal, but it certainly did the trick for me.

Finished the laundry and worked online for a while…then got ready to head to work.  Another CRAZINESS January-rush at the YMCA.  Love it though, I tend to think I strive in situations where there is 400 different things going on.  I like the craziness.  Got a bit hungry waiting on dinner, so I snacked on a leftover goodie from the Spin-A-Thon:

These are not the healthiest, and certainly not organic….but I needed a pick me up.  Kept me full with the addition of *alot* of coffee from my favorite personalized thermos (thanks, Ash!)

While at work I looked feverishly for ideas to torutre my class in “Total Body HIIT” tomorrow worked very hard to satisfy all the members needs.  🙂  Time for dinner, and SUSHI!  Yum to Spicy Tuna Roll:

This baby was chocked full of tuna, avocado, cucumber, and carrots!  SO GOOD.  Paired this with some steamed green beans, and a dip that is out of this world:

This dip is out of this world.  Perfect for anything including green beans! Even got the Kim stamp of approval:

I was reading my blogs in the background!!!  Can anyone guess which one that is?

Here I am in sushi bliss:

Here it was all together:

And you know there was dessert involved.  C’mon now.

Two delicous spelt cookies from the Earth Fizz


On that note, Wednesday is done. 🙂  Food wise anyway, and does anything else really matter?!?!?!

Heres to Thursday!

Blog Bog Inquiry ‘O The Night:

Do you like sushi?  What are your favorite/least favorite types?



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13 responses to “Spicy Tuna and Spelt Cookies

  1. Casey

    Is the choc. Cherries good? I love cherries and sometimes choc so I’m sure they r! Oh and good news I lost 8 pounds last week just by cutting out soft drinks, now if only I didn’t need anything sweet after I eat! Any suggestions?

  2. Steph

    I am loving that mug … I mean coffee holder 🙂 I tell ya, your Uncle Steve said that you are a bloggy natural!! HE SURE DID!

  3. I ❤ sushi! I usually go for the volcano roll.

  4. Ahh that mug just inspired an idea for a vday/anniv gift for my other half! Excellent. Also, too much blog reading makes this baby blogger hungry… time to go home and reheat some dindin! PS new post today finally 🙂

  5. kimberlyloc

    nice to meet you! glad you liked my lady gaga cupcakes 🙂 your blog is fabulous—lovin’ the food posts. i actually just came home from a sushi dinner…i LOVE tuna sashimi and any spicy sushi roll…mmm…keep the great posts comin’!!!


  6. Yes, I feel as though I do nothing but laundry. Roseanne is one of my favorite old shows…yup I’m that loser 😉

  7. Jen

    LOVE Sushi! I usually stick to veggie rolls. Does that count as sushi? 😉 Tonight is laundry night for me too…I’ll be watching a movie and reading blogs and running down the hallway every 30 minutes to check on my clothes. And yes…I feel like most of my clothes are workout clothes!! Crazy…

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