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Spicy Tuna and Spelt Cookies


Heres some random puppiness to get us started:

Tough life, eh?

All day today I contended with this monster:

dreaded, dreaded laundry.  I seriously need to stop putting this off to the last minute because it takes foreeeeever when I break down and do it.  Does anyone else feel like all they wash is workout clothes?!? So while I did part of my laundry, I tackled another equally annoying beast:

Decided to give the ole treadmill a go while I waited.  Since I had already done the spin class plus some major laps in the pool this morning, I just took it easy and did 300 calories on a 10 incline.  Best thing about working out at home???

Complete control of the tv, and yes…that is Roseanne.  🙂

By this time I was starving and ready for a great lunch.  Looted through my Earth Fare goodies and came up with this:

Organic Chicken Salad from the Earth Fizzy….

Sprouts ‘O Joy

Tortilla for wrapping purposes! 🙂  Assemble:

So yum.  Look at the big chunks of celery and grapes!  I love this chicken salad because it isn’t drowning in mayo, and chicken is the star ingredient.  Added my new favorite obsession…thanks Monica!!

Add some carrots, and perfect lunch:

This was so filling!  Kept me distracted while I attempted to finish the laundry…blech.  Rounded out the lunch with some dark chocolate covered cherries:

Do I even need to describe how good these were.  Nah, didn’t think so.  😉  Also, I don’t know if chocolate can actually “round out” a meal, but it certainly did the trick for me.

Finished the laundry and worked online for a while…then got ready to head to work.  Another CRAZINESS January-rush at the YMCA.  Love it though, I tend to think I strive in situations where there is 400 different things going on.  I like the craziness.  Got a bit hungry waiting on dinner, so I snacked on a leftover goodie from the Spin-A-Thon:

These are not the healthiest, and certainly not organic….but I needed a pick me up.  Kept me full with the addition of *alot* of coffee from my favorite personalized thermos (thanks, Ash!)

While at work I looked feverishly for ideas to torutre my class in “Total Body HIIT” tomorrow worked very hard to satisfy all the members needs.  🙂  Time for dinner, and SUSHI!  Yum to Spicy Tuna Roll:

This baby was chocked full of tuna, avocado, cucumber, and carrots!  SO GOOD.  Paired this with some steamed green beans, and a dip that is out of this world:

This dip is out of this world.  Perfect for anything including green beans! Even got the Kim stamp of approval:

I was reading my blogs in the background!!!  Can anyone guess which one that is?

Here I am in sushi bliss:

Here it was all together:

And you know there was dessert involved.  C’mon now.

Two delicous spelt cookies from the Earth Fizz


On that note, Wednesday is done. 🙂  Food wise anyway, and does anything else really matter?!?!?!

Heres to Thursday!

Blog Bog Inquiry ‘O The Night:

Do you like sushi?  What are your favorite/least favorite types?



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Hot Sauna, Cold Breakfast.

Good morning!  hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday.  My morning actually started last night when I started making the infamous “overnight oats”!!  Was my first time, so I was excited to see the results!  Started off with some Scottish Oatmeal:

And then added an equal portion of skim milk, and a dollop of my beloved greek yogz.

some yummy blueberries:

some Pumpkin Butter (amaziiiiing), and some brown sugar:

Finished it off with half a mashed banana:

Mixed this bad boy up, and put it in the fridge.  Night night oats!

Woke up at CRACK THIRTY this morning to teach spin and could barely manage to open the ole eyelids:

Somehow managed to make it to The Wellness Center and taught using Monday night’s CD.  Really diggin’ that one, it got me nice and awake, and a bit sweaty.

The nice thing about now having two classes at The Wellness Center is the fact that I get a free membership.  They have an amazing aquatics center, so this morning after class I took full advantage and did some laps in the pool….chilled in the hot tub, and then roasted to death in the Sauna.  I always forget how much those things make you sweat, it is intense!

As I was leaving Johnson City I knew I was low on groceries, so I went to the place that truly warms my heart:

Earth Fare, aka Earth Fizzle, or Earth Fizzy.  😉  I’m such a gangsta.  (contain your laughter.)

I swear I could, and do, spend hours roaming around in this place.  Its so much more than a shopping trip to me.  I am literally like a kid in a candy store.  My favorite part is probably the “bar” aisle, look at it’s massiveness:


It’s so hard to choose, but there are SO many options that you can always try something new.  Which is nice.  Picked up two Luna Cookies – Chocolate Mint , among some other little pieces of joy! 🙂

Also…my new favorite part of Wednesdays:

Yummmmm, can’t wait for lunch now!  Check out the new re-usable bags at Earth Fizzy, I love:

And the rest of the loot for the day:

I had been thinking about veggie sticks all week, thanks to Monica….so I grabbed those up quick!  Also, they finally have my beloved canned pumpkin back!!!  I have been going through some major pumpkin withdrawals.   Got a huge bran muffin, and some mini spelt cookies from the bakery.  Cannot wait to munch on those, along with everything else!

YAY for having groceries.  Also, when I got home I had this beauty smiling at me…nice and chilled from it’s overnight stay in the fridge:

AMAZING.  I am definitely adding this variation on oats to the breakfast list.  Here was a breakdown of the recipe:

Kitchen Sink -Overnight Oats

  • 1/4 Cup Oatmeal (I used Scottish)
  • 1/4 Cup Skim Milk
  • 1 TBSP Greek Yogurt
  • Handful of Blueberries (to taste)
  • 1/2 TBSP Pumpkin Butter
  • Sprinkle of Brown Sugar
  • 1/2 Mashed Banana

Combine everything, and refrigerate overnight!

Well, I feel pretty accomplished for 10:00am, and on that note….off to face the world again.  Adios bloggies, catch you later for lunch and dinner! 😉

Blog Boy Inquiry ‘O The Day:

Are you a rebel when it comes to food and trying new things, or do you stick with what you know?  Also, I would like to know what your idea of a “splurge meal” is…and why?


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