Small Town Eats.

Welcome to Tuesday!!!  Hope everyone is having a good day.  My morning started off earlllllly with the Kids Cardio Circuit class starting at a mind numbing 7:45am.  Needed a quick breakfast that was portable so went with a green, or as is always my case, khaki monster aka smoothie:

The main ingredient!  This most often terrifies people when I tell them about my smoothies, but I swear you cannot taste the spinach.  Heck , if you could would it really even be that bad people?!  Popeye did it for years!

Love, love, love my personal size blender, but I have to compress the spinach down…if not it would be all I could fit in!  Added in some frozen strawberries, half a nanna, 1/2 scoop of Nectar protein, 1 cup fat free milk, and a dollop ‘o greek yogurt goodness:

Blended, and my cup runeth over:

Mmmmmmmmm.  Khaki Monster Goodness.  By the way, here is the protein I use if anyone wants to know.  I normally use Jillian Micheals Natural protein, but this fruity variety adds a nice punch to the smoothie:

Here was the smoothie all decked out in my FAVORITE Starbucks re-usable thermos:

Perfect size.  Grabbed that monster and headed to teach the little’uns how to do some cardio!!!!  (insert energetic and Richard Simmons-esque voice)  Minus the 70’s fro and hot pants.

It’s so fun to watch the kids jam out to some cardio with High School Music blaring in the background, it must be their version of my precious Lady GaGa….I guess everyone has their favorite music….whats yours?

Headed to the YMCA after that and munched on some glorious little snackies:

this handful times 2…………..or 4.  😉

And when I was feeling particularly sluggish, it was a Fat Free Misto to the rescue:

Finished all my work at the YMCA and then proceeded for a quick, and sweaty, hour workout:

  • 20 Minute Elliptical – 16 Incline, 12 Intensity
  • 20 Minute AMT – Level 20
  • Two 7:45 Miles on the Treadmill of DOOOOM (hearts this outside runner’s heart to have to use the machine!)

Then it was time for lunch at a local place I hadn’t ever been to:

This place was so cute!!!!

Any place with a fireplace earns some MAJOR points in my book.  This place was so CHEAP!  It was amazing.  $4.99 gets you a “Peggy Plate” which is downsized, with meat and two veg’s!

I went with the Tilapia with a side salad (vinaigrette on the side) and green beans:

The best part of the meal being the little slice of cornbread delicious-ness:

Yum yum yummmmmm!!!  So there you have it folks.  Tuesday is almost over, and now it’s time to work.  See yall tonight for a brief (but possibly bland) dinner update!

Have a good one!

Heres my reader question ‘o the day:

Whats a typical workout for you?



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12 responses to “Small Town Eats.

  1. Christie

    Your blog is so detailed I feel like I was with you through it all…oh wait, I was!

  2. You were!!!!!! 😀 Yay

  3. Lol a typical workout for me is 10-12 miles, some abs, and lifting if I am feeling crazy. I usually only feel crazy two times per week 😉

  4. Legal Guardian

    Ok… I think the organic frosted mini wheats would be better if you just took plain shredded wheat and had this with raw sugar…does this have high fructose corn syrup? I love the smoothie…idea…

  5. And yes Matt, I know what you mean. I hate days when I need alot of cardio AND weights. Also teaching both cardio and weight classes has me juggling around my “free weight” time. However, I love them and wouldn’t give them up for the world! I just hate the whole balancing act of “Oh I did biceps today, so I can’t do them tomorrow” etc.

  6. Legal Guardian

    BTW..cannot wait until your class on Thursday…make it extra hard..I need that!

  7. Heather Whited

    LOVE Peggy Anne’s !!! Went for the first time this week. I sat and looked through all the old pics of Kingsport while i was waiting on the food. Such charm !!!
    Since I am just starting out on the work out adventure, I do cardio in the early am – usually 2-3 miles on the treadmill – incline 4-5 at a speed of 3. Seems light weight compared to your monster of a workout. But i think once the weight starts coming off – i’ll be able to do “more” in the way of cardio. Then i do the machines in the evening. But you are right when you say it is a madhouse after 4pm there. I was waiting on machines tonight. I do 2 different arm machines and 2 ab machines one day. Then 2 different leg machines and the ab machines the next day. Again, I feel that the lighter i get – the easier it will be to do a more intensified workout. Not that i don’t want to push myself – i do, but it doesn’t take much to wind this old lady … hahaha 🙂 It’s all about the intensity and duration … But that’s a typical workout for Heather.
    Ohhh and PS – i totally think you could ROCK a 70’s fro and hot pants — i’m just sayin !

    • I will *never* forget my first 2-3 months at the Great Body Company. There I was, seeing all these fit and active people, and only being able to BARELY walk on the treadmill. It’s all I could do for months. Know what though??? Slowly my body adjusted and I could do more and more. Did it take a while? Yep. Was it worth it? EVERY miserable step on that treadmill. It will be worth it to you, and it will happen so much faster than you think.

  8. Neysa

    Typical workout….hmmmmm….at least an hour of cardio (45 minutes if I am very crunched on time)….and weights/abs…..the workouts usually last…well….. way too long…hahahahahaha! As for running on the treadmill…I HATE IT….it is the devil!

    • Totally the devil. I feel like a hamster on a wheel. Although, there are no shiny pink and plastic houses to look at….just the butts of people on the upright bikes. :-p

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