1,000 hits already, I am completely overwhelmed/overjoyed!  I thought that starting out I would be creating these blogs and sending them out to some cosmic void never to be read.  Thanks to ALL of you readers who care about me and my food. 🙂  YOU GUYS ROCK!

As promised, tonight’s dinner was nothing exciting…yet delicious nonetheless.  Started out with some snacks to get me through a CRAZY night at the YMCA:

I really, really dig these SoyJoy bars.  This was berry, and it almost gives me that fig newton taste???  Yummy.  Also some almonds to round it out, and my ever full Nalgene bottle!!!

Yes, I must portion out the almonds.  If not, I would slowly consume an entire family size bucket within my shift at work.  So I let them portion for me!

The YMCA has been I-N-S-A-N-E-uh.  January + Cold Temps + Early Darkness + New Years Revolutionists = THIS PLACE IS PACKED.  Forget about 5:30pm-7:00pm…there were literally LINES forming at the cardio equipment…LINES.  It was like the Black Friday of the health field.  Sheeeeeeesh.

When I had a brief .5 second break to quickly assemble my dinner, it was Amy to the rescue again.

Yum!  I love working nights but hate the strain of trying to throw together a quick dinner.  Used the last of my Broccoli (I swear I could eat the stuff 24/7), and some leftover fruit from the Spin-A-Thon:

‘Twas scrumptious.  Yay for cheesy goo’ness:

Good dinner!  Amy’s Burritos always keep me full for a super long time.  That’s not to say, however, that there was no time for dessert.  Ohhhhh no sir:

I LOVE these, but has anyone noticed that they are a carbon copy of a Z Bar.  I know they are from the same company, so I suppose it makes sense.  I think my mind just likes the fact that it says “cookie” and has choco-deliciousness atop:

So, sooooooo good.  I’m TELLING you.  Plus, they are on sale 4 for $5.00 this week at Earth Fare!

Well….another Tuesday comes to a close.  I will have just enough time to drive home tonight and pass out, so I can wake up at 4:45am and go teach spin!  At least my CD is already made from yesterday…score!

I am going to be making some overnight oats tonight and enjoy them tomorrow when I return from the gym.  Any suggestions or recipes that you have liked???  This is actually the first time I will be trying overnight oats, so I am excited!  Also…where does everyone find their chia seeds???  I have looked Earth Fare top to bottom and cannot find them.  They don’t have them at Ingles either…hmmmm…

On that note, have an awesome night!



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9 responses to “1,000!!!!

  1. Heather Whited

    Woohoo – over 1000 hits !!! You GO Tyler !! I swear, this is one of my fa-vor-ite times of the day is when i sit down and see what adventures Tyler has been on !! I know it isn’t close, but there is an awesome Earth Fare’ish type grocery store in Knoxville. It is right near one of my favorite “hippie” stores. it’s on Kingston Pike – closer to campus than the mall. I can get the name of it for you if you need it. Or – maybe a trip to Asheville to hunt for your “chia seeds”.
    And DO TELL about the overnight oats. What are these and how do you make them…. Oh wait – I bet we’ll get a run down tomorrow … so i’ll wait for that!! I’m thinking I should make my grocery list for Earth Fare from your blog. I know i’m going to get the 2 kinds of protein powder you use … I’m trying to eat hardboiled egg whites for breakfast – but literally had to choke them down this morning. Don’t think that is working for me anymore. Blechhhh !! Smoothies would be perfect for me – no cooking – therefore cuts down on my prep time in the morning.
    Question — do you eat different “bars” for different times of the day? Does it matter? Do different bars do better at different times of the day? (hope these questions are making sense) Like do you eat a more protein packed bar before a work out… or a more carb loaded bar .. Or would you use a more carb loaded bar AFTER a workout … or maybe none of this matters – if so, just tell me – you know i’m open to any knowledge !!!
    heart you bunches Tyler — keep on keepin on !!!
    OK – on to the next post ……

    • Breakfast HAS to be one of my all time favorite meals of the day because I feel like there is so much fresh and delicious choices available. No more bland egg whites for you girls…here are some of my easy and DELICIOUS breakfast “go to’s”:

      1) Cereal + Fresh Fruit + Yogurt + Nut Butter = always a success. and so many variety’s with this one!

      2) Oatmeal. And not just the bland ole oatmeal. Spice things up! Add some pumpkin, a mashed banana, nut butter, protein powder, fresh fruit….so simple, yet all so delicious. It’s also alot of fun (yes, even OATMEAL can be fun) to mix and match flavors and just see what works. Be a mad scientist, what do you have to lose besides some oats??? 😉

      3) French Toast. Simple, easy, delicious. a nice, hearty whole wheat bread dipped in eggs and cinnamon, and fried to a golden brown….tell me that is bad.

      4) Pancakes. Buckwheat pancakes are DELICIOUS. Any whole grain pancake. Then spice those up with some fresh fruit, some spices, even pumpkin or protein powder! go nuts!

      Bar wise I tend to stick with organic, low ingredient bars that keep me full. Larabars are always great, and Luna Bars are a great treat, and most often time contain chocolate….double score. Look for anything that has protein AND a good amount of fiber. Both of which will keep you full and satisfied longer. The only time I do a protein intensive bar is right after a heavy weight workout. I might also do a protein shake or spinach smoothie with some added protein powder. Again, just mix it up and have fun with it!

      I love seeing you and Hailey, you guys are going to be so amazing, heck…you already are!! Thank you for being so wonderful and supportive.

      Those are just some of my standby’s. Then you’ve got all the delicious omelet combinations, cold cereals, fruit salads, etc etc. The breakfast list goes on and on.

  2. Congrats on 1000!

    I have seen Chia seeds at Whole Foods.

  3. Neysa

    1000 hits!!!!!! I guess people love you as much as I do and love to hear about your healthy living!!!

    As for my oatmeal…I add cinnamon, splenda brown surgar, and almond milk (or sometimes vanilla muscle milk-light)! I did try putting the peanut butter in and loved it, so sometimes I do the peanut butter…..BUT like you I love the cinnamon and the health benefits are fantastic!

    This time of year the Y is so crazy….arrrrrrgggggghhh! So frustrating and at times so funny. There are a few new members that have been coming often and are having success with their fitness goals-Yay!!!! BUT there are some new people who get on the machines for 5 to 10 minutes and move at a snail pace and then hop off and reapeat….the purpose?!?-Please add this to my former list of pet peeves!

    Please add more of your recipes….maybe some low fat/calorie sweets…….please! Tyler, you rock!

  4. Jen

    Congrats on your 1000 hits! I love the energy in your blog! You’re so much fun!

    I got my chia seeds at Whole Foods but you can order them online also. Go to KERF’s blog – she has a link. I mix mine with water and drink them straight-up. Just like the Tarahumara…

    • Thanks so much for reading, please keep coming back!!! Was an un-successful chia trip today as well. I guess I should order them online, thanks for the heads up!

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