Late Dinner

Spin was A-W-E-S-O-M-E tonight.  Bikes were full within *3* minutes of sign up, and everyone gave 110%.  I love nights like those from an instructor standpoint because it makes it so much easier to be enthused and energetic when I have an entire class of people really pushing themselves.  Great, great class.  Here was the playlist:

  1. Replay-IYAZ   warm up
  2. Can’t Get Over-September lifts with added resistance throughout
  3. Crush Crush Crush – Paramore  seated/running sprints
  4. Monster – Lady GaGa seated climb with jogs
  5. Fame – Lady GaGa lifts with added resistance throughout
  6. Telephone – Lady GaGa hover slides
  7. Why You Had To Leave – Cascada seated climb with jogs
  8. Misery Business – Paramore seated sprint combos
  9. I Will Love Again – Lara Fabian lifts with heavy resistance
  10. Break Apart Her Heart – Good Charlotte  climb/surge with speed intervals
  11. Deborah Cox – Absolutely Not  lifts with added resistance
  12. I Can’t Stand It – Cascada seated/running  sprints
  13. Heat Me Up – Allison Iraheta lifts
  14. Paparazzi – Lady GaGa seated climb with speed intervals
  15. Bad Romance – Lady GaGa lifts/seat with added resistance throughout
  16. Didn’t Know My Own Strength – Whitney Houston cooldown
  17. I Look To You – Whitney Houston  cooldown

With the 5:30 spin class, and then talking to everyone afterwards, it always tends to make for a late dinner.  I went to Ingles for some inspiration and ended up with:

Brussel Sprouts, Boca Crumbles, and a Sweet Potato.

I washed and peeled the sprouts and spud, and laid them out on a baking sheet.  Oil, salt, pepper…

I used Ina Garten’s roasted brussel sprouts recipe, cannot go wrong with Ina.

Both the veggies cooked at 400* for 40 minutes.  Turning them every 5 minutes.

The Boca crumbles got browned, with a TBSP of tomato paste…

And some reduced sugar ketchup.  Grabbed a whole wheat pita, and stuffed when cooked through.

Grabbed the veggies out of the oven:

Plated up…

And ate in 4 seconds flat savored every bite.  Dessert was a must and included thawed frozen strawberries, and one of best friends:

He and I go WAY back.  😉

dreamy.  The dogs most certainly got none of that, however the evening did seem to tire Oli out considerably:

I am pretty sure that she sleeps at least 21 hours of the day.  The other 3 hours are dedicated to driving me insane with a multitude of chewed up toys, and bathroom breaks where she most often just ended up chasing invisible animals around.  (I swear she has mental issues.)  Love her though!

Hope everyone had a fun and productive Monday….bring it, Tuesday.



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7 responses to “Late Dinner

  1. Krucker

    I’ve decided that you need to make me brussel sprouts Wednesday night so that maybe i will change my hatred for them!

  2. KIM….they are so good. I’m telling you! Like crispy mini cabbages…or, if that doesn’t interest you…they taste JUST like brownies….yea….umm…brownies!! 😀

  3. olove

    SWEEETAYYYYY…this blog is very inspirational. i loved reading it! you are my hero and i WONT to play etnm the second it gets warm outside young man!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your right, there aren’t any men around here!

  5. greensandjeans

    Just stumbled upon your blog! We must know each other though, because I am VERY good friends with vanilla frozen yogurt…

  6. You know, I think he mentioned you. Welcome and keep reading. He appears quite often around these parts! 😀

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