Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!!!  My day started off well with a nice little bit of leftover from the Spin-A-Thon that managed to somehow sneak back into my house:

Thanks again to Panera, we had tons of leftover bagels that I stole willing fully distributed to the staff at the YMCA 😉

With half the Dutch Apple bagel I smeared on some Skippys Natural PB, and THIS:  (love, love, love)

Some leftover strawberries and a banana rounded out this yum-filled breakfast:

And after feeling guilty for a couple of days, I gave into the beggers in front of me and let the doggies sample some bagel love:

See.  I do give in occasionally.  Also this morning, I got up expecting to be INCREDIBLY sore especially in my calves/ankles….but I can happily report that other than a bit stiff, I feel great!  I guess all that spinning didn’t kill me after all!  Yay!

A little bit later my house had a nice new surprise awaiting us:

A treadmill!!!  That was a very random and unexpected surprise.  Apparently mom is going to be walking indoors now, or so she is telling me.   Score for me though if I ever need a quick mile or two…or some incline work!  Yay for unexpected pieces of random workout equipment! 😀

I have been particularly lazy all afternoon and have attempted to get organized and catch up on some computer related activities, which always tend to make time fly.  By the time I glanced up, it was lunch time.  Sort of a mish mash of what I had laying around…but I knew that I really wanted some good soup as part of it.  Amy to the rescue as always!

I have had this Summer Corn Chowder before and it is amazing.  It almost tastes cream based, which I love.  Minus the guilt though, which is a nice thing!  I love all of Amy’s soups!  I needed something to munch with this so I went the veggie/pita chips route.  These are some new pitas I tried and LOVE.  Chocked full of vitamins and minerals, and only 60 calorie per pita!  Score!

Cut one of those bad boys up, and added two of my good friends: Chili Powder and Red Pepper Flakes for a bit of heat:

400* oven, a spritz of Pam Organic, and voila…. homemade pita chips!

So I had pita chips, and soup.  I needed some hummus and veggies!

And there we have it folks, my idea of the perfect Sunday lunch:

Everything was so good and fresh tasting.  I especially loved having leftover pita chips to soak into the soup….yummmm

With lunch accomplished I set my mind on the workout of the day.  I really need to do weights, but the YMCA’s weight room is so tiny…and the men that dominate occupy the room 24/7 are far from polite.  They leave their stuff everywhere, and are down right rude.  I hate trying to fight for dumb bells back there, I normally just grab my weights and take them off somewhere to do my lifting.  Today I think I will focus on Biceps and Chest……give my lower body a break for once. 😉  I also need to start planning my spin CD for tomorrow night, and working on my weight routine for Thursdays class!  Is it bad that I just got my degree in K-6 Education in December and all I want to do is teach fitness classes for the rest of my life????  Who knows.  I am at a crossroads, ok?!?!  🙂

I love updating this blog at Panera.  It is literally about 75 feet from the YMCA, and it is in the same shopping center as a Starbucks!  How amazing is that???  My laptop has become a staple around these parts:

PS, can I just tell you how much I despise this activity:

I don’t know what it is about getting gas, but it absolutely drives me nuts.  I haaaaaaaate it.

Do you have any weird pet peeves?  What are they?

Well, enough procrastinating.  Time to head to the gym for some fun times!  I am having Sushi and movie night with Maggie tonight and I am so stoked!  We always have the best time.  Now if I can just decide what I want for my movie “treat” hmmmmm….any suggestions????

Have an amazing Sunday everyone!



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4 responses to “Sundizzle.

  1. Treadmill = speed intervals, I am telling you it will change your life! I would say start off with an interval pace that is equal to your target 10k pace minus 2 minutes (so if you want to be at a 9 min split, do your intervals at a 7min/mi pace). Quarter mile speed interleaved with quarter mile jog/walk. Minimum four times 🙂 For serious. Cute dogs btw, one looks like a bear.

  2. Neysa

    I love your new blog!!!! Just what I need…another thing to make me more addicted to the Cardio King! I also love your food ideas….and I steal…hmmmmm….I mean borrow them! My pet peeves…..people who do not put up their shopping carts….people who drive around to find parking places…and I also hate pumping gas!

    • haha you crack me up Neysa, thanks for reading and being a constant source of inspiration for me! You rock it out 24/7 and its people like you that make me LOVE teaching classes.

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