Eat Chocolate….Help Monkeys.

Ok, I am not entirely sure when my obsession with Japanese/Chinese food became so prominent, but needless to say I could eat it almost everyday.  So when my awesome friend Maggie wanted Sushi and a movie, how could I resist?!?!

This place is amazing and even has Sushi for half off!!!  (not tonight, of course.  Darn it!)

Started off with a nice water w/ lime then started looking at the MASSIVE menu.  It is so hard to know what to choose because everything is so delicious!  We decided to firstly split a veggie roll.  This little sucker was chocked full of asparagus, tomatoes, and two or three types of greens:

Soooooo good!  Next it was on to the dinner choices!  They are so good about having an extensive veggie menu, but it tough to pick just one!

We both ended up going with the Mixed Vegetables, brown rice on the side, and sans the brown sauce:

This little guy was SPICY and chocked full of peppers, look how many we picked out:

Very scrumptious though.  Maggie is vegeterian/vegan and I just simply adore her!!!  Perfect dinner companion:

And of course yours truly butchering using perfect form with chop sticks:

YUM.  It was fantastic.  Even had leftovers which meant adorable take out containers:  (is it sad that this sort of thing really excites me?? 🙂 )

After dinner it was time for a movie!  Another one of my absolute favorite activities!  I am a beast with popcorn though and it is so hard for me not to get it.  I looked up the facts recently though, and even in a SMALL bag of theatre corn, you’ve got all your fat for the week pretty much.  So we decided to go for a bit of a healthier option:

This popcorn was SO good.  Who needs all that grease anyways.  Since we were being so good with the popcorn, I decided that a nice big bar of dark chocolate was also in order:

Although, come on people.  What WOULDN’T you buy with that little monkey face on it?!?!?!?!  I am a sucker for some animal charity.  The chocolate wasn’t bad either.  😉  Had half of the bar with 3/4 handfuls of the yummy popcorn.  I love the combination of the salty popcorn and sweet chocolate together.  I may or may not be known for mixing in Bunch-A-Crunch directly into the popcorn.

So what a fun way to end a great weekend!  Back to it tomorrow morning, where I am teaching 20 third graders YOGA.  The YMCA is doing a pilot program with a local elementary school and they chose me to instruct Yoga on Monday mornings with the kids, and a cardio circuit class on Tuesday mornings.  This will be my second week, and the kids are SO funny with the Yoga.  The YMCA bought the “Yoga Kids Tool Box” with some really neat cards with moves and directions:

Can’t wait!!!!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend, and on that note I have a ton of Celebrity Big Brother UK to catch up on.  I know, I am a geek…but I love it!  Ivana Trump is in the house!!!  It’s hilarious.  Until next time!!


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