72 Miles. 2,570 Calories. All for Haiti!

OMG!!!!  The Spin-A-Thon was AH-MAZE-ING!!!!  I wish all you bloggies could have been there!  I went in not really knowing what to expect.  I knew I had to teach my normal 10:30am class, and then I was signed up for all four hours….what I didnt know was that I would be teaching the entire *5* hours hardcore class-wise.  Everytime the “sessions” changed, it was a new group of people who expected a hardcore class….so needless to say I am about to DIE!  I feel more sore now than I did after the half-marathon!  It’s all going to an amazing cause though, and I did have loads of fun.  Here is the YMCA, aka my home away from home.  I swear I am here more than anywhere else.  Working the front desk, teaching my classes, and working out on my own…it dominates my time….but I ❤ it all the same:

Theres the main entrance plus the HUGE sign that Christie and I made to promote it!!!

I got there a little bit before my class to help start getting the stuff ready.  We had a TON of stuff including:

  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Granola Bars
  • PANERA BAGELS. I swear they gave us every bagel they have ever created.
  • Oranges
  • Water
  • Free 1 Hour Massage/Facial giveaway!

Here are some of the goods:

So cycling/spinning for anyone that doesn’t know is a 60 minute cardio class on stationary bikes.  There are tons of ways/variety to teach class, but I focus on climbs, sprints, surges, and jumps (or lifts).  Here I am on a bike demonstrating it’s glory:

The room was all festive and RED for Haiti, with streamers and balloons everywhere:

We had four-one hour sessions and they were all full!  (the last two sessions had some open seats) so I was even more motivated to give these guys a great class everytime.  Throughout I had TONS of snacks to munch on because of all the deprivation of carbs and energy.  They included:

Snacks=yum.  They really kept me going, along with the massive *7* waters I managed to consume over the five hour insanity.  I was just so impressed with everyone and everything related to the Spin-A-Thon.  A representative from the American Red Cross came out and was giving each different session all the facts and figures about the earthquake and it really and truly is completely devastating.  I kept reminding myself about this when I was getting sluggish.

Christie is on top with the long brown hair.  LOVE her.  She helped plan this whole thing with me.  The next pic is Ashley, and Steph.  We have a tendancy to never take anything seriously.  On the bottom left is Kim, the Wellness Director….she has given me all these wonderful classes, and we have grown so close this year!!!  We are running the half marathon together next month!  Then last but CERTAINLY not least is Corrina (left) and Neysa (right).  They are BEASTS and did all *4* sessions.  Corrina ended up winning the drawing for the free massage/facial pack.  I was so stoked for her.

After the Spin-A-Thon was over I was EXHAUSTED.  I stopped off at the grocery store to get strawberries and blueberries because I had one dinner on my mind:

Love these Buckwheat pancakes!  I got them a while back at EarthFare and have went through the entire box way more quickly than I probably should.  I am a blueberry fiend:

These bad boys looked SCRUMPTIOUS in the pan:

And the glorious after effects complete with a ton of fresh strawberries on the side:

This plus one hungry doggy.  (this is my other baby, Oli!)  She is an expert begger:

Sorry Oli, daddy needs ALL this dinner.  As soon as I ate I basically passed out and had a nice 2 hour power nap, and woke up still hungry!!!  When I stirred I munched on these bad boys, which are really growing on me as well:

I then got ready, and headed to Starbucks where I now type this out!  I brought food here, and quite frankly…was only in the mood for one thing.  A well deserved YOGURT.  Love me some TCBY and LOOOOOVE when they have PB Yogurt.  (topped with Reese Pieces, of course:

And now I sit and relax, and hopefully redeem myself at chess.  What a WONDERFUL day.  PS, I think overall we will break the $2,000 mark for what we raised today!  I will find out soon!  Have a great Saturday bloggies, until tomorrow!



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9 responses to “72 Miles. 2,570 Calories. All for Haiti!

  1. Wow – what an accomplishment!! And for a great cause!

    That pancake batter looks so good, I think I would have scarfed it all down before it made it’s way to the pan!!

  2. Hey new blogger! Just wanted to say I really love your posts – awesome job so far! Your food looks delicious and I totally wish I could do a spinathon like that. And also you look fantastic. CONGRATULATIONS and definitely keep blogging your story!!!

  3. Tyler, you are a natural blogger. :0) I’m a blogger addict. I have 5 blogs. Your blog is interestin, real, and like you..takes all its readers for a fun ride. I look forward to reading more posts.

    How did you do that header? You’ve gotta teach me…plz.

    • Pam!!!!!! It was so easy to make the header, I just did it in paint and picked out a font I liked! So glad you like it, I cannot wait to check yours out! We have to get together soon, I am getting so nervous about AFAA

  4. Elyse

    Glad your spin a thin for Haiti went well. Today I participated in a walk for something called Living Water. Living Water helps bring water to people in Africa, etc. That have NO clean water! You should check out the cause! You can google Living Water and it should come up!

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