Pizza, Tea, and Sugar Cookies…..OH MY!

Well after a successful 8 miles today with Em, my eyes were set on dinner!  The run plus the fact that I will be spinning/cycling for FIVE hours tomorrow for charity (way more on that in tomorrows blog), meant that I deserved some pizza!  We went to my favorite local pizza place:

After Steph and I considered which pizza looked good to split, we settled on this:

We went with the Caribbean, which was olive oil based with pulled jerk chicken (YUM) and spinach and onions.  We ordered a small with LIGHT cheese….I had this x2:

Great pizza with some GREAT company.  I always love eating with this crowd.  Steph (the best friend) and Denise (our second mother)…others were with us but too busy stuffing their face to pose for the blog, oh well…I am sure they will surface sooner or later down the road. 😉

I am *the* pirate pizza warrior….RAWR:

Next, it was off to Starbucks where I started off with a non-fat Earl Grey Tea Latte:

I can’t decide if I like this or not.  The tea was a BIT overpowering, but I am pretty much obsessed with steamed skim milk.  It is like hot delicious whipped cream!  Does that sound gross to anyone??? haha.  With the tea I had these little organic babies which were DELICIOUS:

Gluten Free and so yummy!  They were like small little snickerdoodle crisps!  Def a snack I would eat again!  Now it is time for chess and fun times at Starbizzle with Emily, Russel (her hubby) and Steph (the best friend!!!)  Fun times indeed!  Night night blog world, until tomorrow….the SPIN MARATHON!!!  I am so stoked.  Don’t worry, I will take tons of pics for you guys!  Lets hope I can survive cycling for *5* hours….eek!


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  1. That pizza looks amazing! I’ve never tried a tea latte but I keep hearing how good they are–I need to try one!

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