Breakfast ‘O Champs.

With a full crazy *5* hours of cycling to do today at the YMCA for the Spin-A-Thon (crazy right?) I knew I needed a breakfast that was going to stick with me.  Insert my new obsession:

Spelt Flakes!!!!!! Love these guys!  So much more substantial than regular oats.  They seem to stick with me longer.  With these beauties were the classics:

While assembling all the yummy fixings, I forgot one important ingredient in the photo:

I swear I go through the large tub of this stuff in like 4 days.  Love me some greek yogurt!  I just think it is so much smoother and thicker than plain ole yogurt.  I am Greek For Life….ya dig!?  The spelt flakes look a little different and cook a bit different than regular oats:

Spelt Goodness.

Once they cooked for 3 minutes I poured into a cute bowl and added:

  • 1/2 Scoop Jillian Micheals Vanilla Cream Protein Powder
  • 1 TBSP Skippy All Natural PB
  • 1 Diced (and beyond ripe) pear
  • Dollop of Yogurt (obv. not an exact measurement 😉 )

Stir……and voila!  Instant yummy spelt flake bowl:

Heck, even Sammy wanted some.  Of course….he has proven to be the most UN-PICKY dog I have ever known in my life.  What can I say, he is adventurous and like his father, will try anything healthy and delicious.  This breakfast totally met with the Sam seal of approval:

ps, it was gone in about 7 seconds.  Sorry Sam, maybe next time there will be more leftovers: 😉

Well, I feel sufficiently carb’d up and ready to take on an intense day of cardio.  Time to lug all the supplies I bought for the Spin-A-Thon to the YMCA and get everything ready.  Hope they all like Lady GaGa, because I am in charge of the music and I need her for inspiration.

puh, puh, puh, poker face, puh, puh, poker faaaaaaaace.

Have a great morning, enjoy this great Saturday!

What are some of your favorite breakfast options???  Do you have the classics that you always repeat (like moi) or are you constantly switching it up?  Any new and fun breakfast ideas?!



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7 responses to “Breakfast ‘O Champs.

  1. i want to do a spin a thon!

  2. Emily

    That is the most precious dog!!

    I lovve Greek yogurt and was thrilled when Sam’s started carrying the bulk packages for $11! Cha-ching! =] Not I don’t feel so bad about eating 2 containers a day! lol

    Good luck with the spin a thon!

  3. Steph

    Hello there sweaty… you know I just randomly came across your blog! Congrats on the spin-a-thon. A guy bloggy… Who’d ever thought?? 😉 You might just be baller

  4. OMG< your dog is so freakin cute. What kind of breed is he?

    Your oatmeal looks VERY yummy. I need to get some better oats. If your don't mind me asking, on average how much do you spend for groceries and any recommendations and good places to get some of it cheaper? I got 4 ppl to feed. 🙂

    • Thank you so much!!! the black one is a Pomeranian (shaved-Teddy Bear Cut) and the brown one is a boxer. They used to despise eachother but now they are best friends. It is so adorable. The oatmeal was so good!!! You gotta try it!

      Today I got about a week and a half worth of stuff for around $90.00. Seems like alot but thats going to be at least 15-20 meals. So it all balances out. As far as cheaper, I know they tend to have alot of organic stuff at Kroger and Ingles, and even at Wal-Mart if you know where to look. Wal-Mart carries Oikos, Lunas, Cliff, a variety of Amy’s stuff, Annie’s Naturals, and several organic fruits and vegetables…check it out! Definitely budget-worthy.

      Hope that helps!

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