Running Buddies and Training Days

Another day, another blog!  Today was productive….and quite frankly, one of those days where I just wanted a nice big bowl of cold cereal for breakfast.  Munched on this glorious creation:

1 Cup Warm Cinnamon Kashi Heart to Heart

3/4 Cup Kashi Go Lean Crunch

1 Medium Banana

1 Cup Skim Milk

So yummy, and filling!  Devoured that bowl quickly and then started working on some Spin-A-Thon stuff!  The YMCA is doing a Spin-A-Thon this Saturday and all proceeds are going to the American Red Cross for earthquake relief.  We have 17 bikes, and we are doing four-one hour sessions that people can “buy” for $10.00.  So far we have the first two sessions full and the third and fourth are almost full!  I am super excited.  This is one of the first things at the Y that has sort of been my “brain child” so I am really hoping it goes well.  I am planning it with my WONDERFUL friend Christie and I think we are going to have a blast on Saturday (tons of updates on that will be coming, trust me!)  Did I mention Panera is catering?!?!?!?  Score.

Met Emily in JC for a run.  It was time for our 8 miler.  We met up and were ready to take on the world, one mile at a time. 😉

Also fueled up with this little bad boy about an hour before we got started:

We got started and it was freeeeeeezing.  Funny thing about running is no matter HOW cold it is, 20 minutes into it I am ready to strip down and sweat to death.  Oh well.  I felt really good throughout the whole thing, and we tried to maintain about an 8:30 pace….oh my Garmin, how I love thee:

1:09 which translates into 8:30ish mile which was the goal!  woot!  It is SOOOOOO awesome to run with Emily because we go at the exact same speed!  Its so nice to be in misery, but then to look over and see her and be like “ok….but it is sucking for both of us.”  Plus I feel like there are times when I push her, and then times where she pushes me!  I am so lucky to have her!  *tear*  haha, seriously….here we are in post run glory:

All in all I feel really good about where we are pace and distance wise.  Here is hoping we will break a new PR together at the end of next month, I am getting sooooo excited already!  Can’t wait to tackle that 13.1 again!

After the run we came to Panera where Emily got the half veggie sandwich, and the new veggie soup with pesto.  (whole grain baguette on the side):

And I got the new “Trail Mix” bagel with the organic yogurt/granola cup, and an apple.  The bagel was SO good!

Yummmmm!    In this extreme close up you can see the yumminess of the bagel with the sunflower seeds all over the top.  This bad boy also had dried cherries/bananas inside….so good!  Also, what good is Panera without a huge coffee swimming in skim milk???

Lunch=Accomplished.  Now I am just relaxing and updating the bloggy at Panera while Emily studies for her Occupational Therapist Board Test (say that three times fast.)  Gotta catch up on my fellow blogs, and then to the YMCA to work on Spin-A-Thon stuff!  Fun fun!  I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!!!! 😀



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6 responses to “Running Buddies and Training Days

  1. Cara

    Welcome to the blog world, Tyler! Glad to have some testosterone in this blog world!

  2. Denise Hood

    Tyler is an amazing individual and a real inspiration for anyone. The classes he teaches are hardcore and well thought out. He has made a wonderful life changing transformation!

  3. A spin a thon sounds right up my alley, I love spin! Have a great time teaching it 🙂

    • I am excited! All the money is going to Haiti, but I have to teach MY class, plus all four hours. I will be snacking all day! Cannot wait. Gives me another excuse to eat, right??? 😉 Have a great one, and thanks for reading. Check tomorrow to see all the Spin-A-Thon updates!!! 😀

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